Sony Vegas 10 “None of the files dropped on Vegas Pro could be opened” Error Repair!!


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  1. memoboos

    no problem bro.. i think it’s my system or something…any way thanks for your Interest 🙂

  2. ProfessorEggs

    That would be my Scottish accent. 🙂

  3. ProfessorEggs

    I’m not sure if vegas is mkv compatible.. :/

  4. ProfessorEggs

    Yep I’m on win7 64 bit also, it might just be your version of vegas, not sure… but I can’t really do much to help you at this point, sorry man 🙁

  5. memoboos

    not working with me :S win7 64bit

  6. ProfessorEggs

    @UnchartedLegacyVideo is it a video you are trying to render? or just audio?

  7. UnchartedLegacyVideo

    My problem is MP4 files

  8. Chrispollis

    MY mkv files cant open help

  9. 5EBASlo96

    You’re really a Fail in mentioning File.

  10. MoonLightxxD

    I have a problem . D;
    when i dropped my video into Sony Vegas , it showed a red screen instead .
    How do i fix this ?

  11. LegendarFilmz

    No its fine i fixed it . i tried to reinstall a different version, no i ended up reinstalling the old one.

  12. ProfessorEggs

    I don’t quite understand what you mean by requirements, if you could explain a bit more I can try to help

  13. LegendarFilmz

    what happened with me is i got that error and all the suddon all my files wont even come up when i search for them. I used to be able to drag and drop everything. I think its a problem with my sony vegas pro 11 folder i deleted maybe. Do you have all requirements you should have i could look at to compare to mine ? thnks

  14. mt2oo8secondary

    It never worked for me :/ but thanks for the attempt anyway

  15. ProfessorEggs

    Yeah, Some people seem to be having that very same problem, but since I have all of the file types, I cant really find a way on how to fix it. 🙁

  16. BluBlur58

    i dont have that file type i only have vegas file types

  17. metin2freaky99

    By me To !

  18. LedNNN

    same here.

  19. ProfessorEggs

    glad i could help

  20. Gmod4Live


  21. COD4Bouncer1

    Doesnt fix nothing. It couldnt be opended because the file IS NOT compatible uith Vegas.

  22. ProfessorEggs

    I made this MAINLY for 1 person, and I managed to help him, so it has obviously helped people out with the same problem…

  23. BBMechanics

    Lol wtf did this tutorial actually fix? The problem was that files couldn’t be imported, and in response you showed us how to look for an avi file, lol?

  24. BwukImKfc

    I thought you were saying “fail” lol

  25. AlexGMJ92


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