Sony PSP * UPDATE * Full brick —- Tutorial!


In this tutorial I will show you how to fix the solid brick your PSP. Twitter – My PSP is a PSP-1001, or a PSP “FAT”, recognized … Links: ——————————————– Pandora’s Battery / Magic Memory Stick – Video Rating: 4/five

  1. mankotiaajju

    I updated my PSP, but now I only show green or light.can help me

  2. celinad209

    How could solve a PSP homesrceen moving by itself

  3. animeandchibi

    Im sad because my PSP with the conventional battery is fine, but NOW! My psp I have to do with a charger! T____T

  4. ExpulserPh

    I have a question that becomes my PSP (1001), playing black, but the game still works. Fully brick? and when I start it again can not go to recovery menu

  5. whenitsit

    PSP can be done in 3000 and of 6.60

  6. whenitsit

    I briked my PSP and I was wrong, if I could fix it without a pandora bat a magical memory

  7. nextworld5

    This work, which I had to pause more Michael Jackson – Billie Jean in this

  8. Shinouray91

    when I can update my psp 5.50 4 to 5.50 Prome D3 gene, places, if 98% then I have the battery then I turn my psp is how I can remove brick unbrick … please help me!

  9. cammyoghostvidwatch

    same with me matee its pissing me off

  10. Shinouray91

    I can make my own PSP memory stick and battery to Pandora Battery and Magic Memory Stick to make?

  11. JoseF0147

    Can this unbrick a PSP 1001 with the latest firmware (which is 6.60) with the Pandora Battery and Memory Stick Magic?

  12. hway98

    @ Juste Easter is the working tool of Pandora battery for use in the game

  13. hway98

    which is the difference between a battery and a normal battery Pandora

  14. pinetera

    Care for those with PSP brick like me, and even if the battery to carry and connect the AC adapter, but still does not work only because our TA-088v3 is so far no means unbrick OFFENDERS The only solution to your plate basis of the change, which costs 2,000 pesos in the Philippines, take it to a repair 🙁 believe it or not, sad but true …

  15. neogeniox

    works to lose weight?

  16. myrulshah

    What is the cost of Pandora battery and MMS?

  17. hemantha920

    They are

  18. CX3xLonely

    Only God is my ferm batrer pandorer Give me justice websert saying mah cooked a ordar emayuhl hes thes red and sheped Whut Tha Leik is the FUKC sayuhn

  19. madfoot3

    You can use normally.i know because I have a PSP 1000 and have brick Magic Memory Memory

  20. mraati99

    No need to do two simple Pandora

  21. carlosdark15

    I can use the same pandora battery and magic memory stick it, I did exactly what u said, but only the light turns green. Pease help me: (

  22. Ronldbx6

    My PSP bricked yesterday. I was updating and disconnect the charger while charging the battery, but bars 2/3, so do not know why they bother starting the update. I should not try to update my PSP. (Sigh) This is Sony GLITCHES FAILURE shit! There was nothing wrong with my PSP!

  23. hawkins12009

    I have the Star Wars Edition PSP and I have quenched the update and now when I turn only need about 10 to 20 seconds the green light that sucks balls anyone can help me?

  24. ningygamer

    my psp 3000 was working fine until my power cord was broken, I bought a new one from Amazon and the guy who sent me a power cable for PSP 1000 (the first model). I can connect, but there’s more. Sometimes you can calculate, but since then I was the new power cord, turn off when you turn it on. Cause a cord to an older model PSP 3000 this problem? Sal and I have changed the battery.

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