Some winding road – Dan Grigor – 12-string guitar


entertaining 12-string guitar and a song I want to do in the automobile. Who goin with me? I’ll add the bass and other parts of this video. Ought to be entertaining to watch grow. Keep Tuned wakitu This image is remarkable. I really like it! Video Rating: four/5

  1. lilpk312

    Sounds great. I think this sealed the deal for me Bajo Sexto my transformation into something like a Stella 12-string.

  2. 1958wvpicker

    Hello, I love this DanMann SongSie def. Rock my friend who works in the lead 12 is Magnificentwollen the letters were a little more clearly, being the man thocool more more more full of WV

  3. 1111MARYJANE

    0 Dislikes! that’s what I see!

  4. Daytripper199211

    and found inbanez RD100 for about 90bucks fresh, I’m very happy!

  5. ver2oso

    You have inspired me to practice and play better, if that’s what he does. Thank you for your attention …

  6. Daytripper199211

    Your videos have inspired me to sell my electric and buy a 12 string, and his beard is amazing, keep it up man

  7. anesthetized8

    Thi guy looks like druids: P

  8. ShinerNL


  9. RainGuide

    Osama Bin Laden after his death

  10. electricragtime

    absolutely wonderful ….. has a fantastic sound of my girlfriend … lot and this will definitely return for another, more of your stuff … Happy to hear kev …

  11. docteurneo

    It’s really great!

  12. ver2oso

    Hello, it rocked my nephew! Thank you, we must make a plan, man! Let’s take a weekend and DO IT! The stage is set.

  13. Doomsy2006

    Hey man …. As always, the magic touch with the 12 strings. I must say I really like this. Each new CD is on its way? Now you call me when the time for yourself, which is never true! Well, again, thanks for the songs. Maybe my friends and I all came from and that can jam on stage! Get your VCRs ready! ~ Caleb

  14. GroovyGuitar02

    Man, that’s amazing, I wonder what strings are you using? think it sounds great … I like the crescendo at the beginning … I love the mix between a riff, chords and his voice, I have to say, his music is inspiring. I am a 12-string player, and I want to play solo in bars in the coming months in order to earn a few dollars and see what can happen … Any advice for a young man who has some blues? In any case, I’ll let you know. Keep on rocking!

  15. ver2oso

    hiya, thanks for your attention. I agree to the 12-string a whole step to D. Tune down and try it. Or is that playing in the key of G. It’s a fun song to play. Send video!

  16. prelouc53501

    Does anyone know what the mood of the guitar in this video? I can not figure out how to play the song excellent, although you can see the finger Grigor. Grigor may help themselves.

  17. joelvigilante

    damn.jesus that can shatter.

  18. SnoweLprd

    Dang! They have a great sound, just brilliant! I suchen.Danke for longer than for the load. ­čÖé

  19. krazyhartin

    Men want kaufen.Toller make sound, but can not hear the Gesang.Sind that expensive to buy?

  20. XKillertofuX

    I really like the riff from others in this Fall.Ihre disagreements are very, very cool.Aber that as this thing somehow rockriffy singen.Nat├╝rlich in combination with the smooth style would be a good balance between the spectacular voice and guitar, but I think that’s the problem with twelve strings, you can put some of me ├╝berw├Ąltigend.Ich also to create some videos in this simple scenario … The green screen is very good, why not think about the background animation is something I’m working

  21. blackdogteeth

    This is a great riff! I love this song … I agree the song is a small and quiet though.

  22. ver2oso

    I know well. Part of the reason for the green screen projects is to solve this kind of reception problems. The guitar is so strong, it is difficult to obtain good separation in a living room as well. Stay tuned, we’ll make it right.

  23. greeneyesj17362

    I love this idea. I can not really hear your voice as clear as I would.

  24. warchild


  25. victorolden

    Great man! 5 stars!

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