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tracking the Obama Administration speedily the Solyndra loan application now and $ 5 million in U.S. taxpayer money is gone, along with 1,000 green jobs. How many far more examples of the loss of green jobs, we need prior to we recognize we can not centrally strategy financial prosperity?

  1. GiacomoKnox

    Unfortunately, there are more people looking for the latest “Dancing Baby Video” on YouTube, but the truth about Obummer and his joke Green corrupt government power.

  2. rstevewarmorycom

    You can not plan centrally plan economic prosperity? Someone better eating shit climate change / peak Oilist will take the food and feel damn stupid sichwirklich when you consider that just allereich for them and they want töten.Zentral Prosperity Plan? It has the rich have, but prosperity is only being planned for you! We need someone to kick his ass fucking and centrally to recover all that we were robbed!

  3. hopeurforfreedom

    Moron, I’m not a tea …. See for yourself the estimates of the API. U.S. production of oil has steadily declined.

  4. 11111110

    I. What are the API estimates 5 years ago?

  5. 11111110

    This is beautiful. I never said you were …?

  6. 11111110

    In fact, every poll shows on the subject which is supported by Americans more than the parts OWS wider area

  7. hopeurforfreedom

    OWS, loser, idiot. I’m not a tea party, ass fool.

  8. hopeurforfreedom

    A bit silly, right? AA has little support, with the exception of idiots ….

  9. hopeurforfreedom

    Moron, a look at the API estimated that from 5 years. Now looking for a production ….

  10. 11111110

    I can not stop a pattern. In general practice an incorrect statement, I can send the data to refute, and you ignore it and repeat the lie is sich.Fakt, OWS protesters are likely to be used. More retirees are tea parties. Pensioners, as in people who do not work and collect government handouts. Do you know what kind of people you hate. Moochers unemployed

  11. 11111110

    Really? A few moments ago he insisted, the API does not know what they’re talking about. Now is a reliable source? Anyway, I posted a link to an estimate of the API, it would be nice if you did the same. You know, when you decide if you want vertrauen.Erklären me again, why the word in the production of oil in the American Petroleum Institute accept? The promotion of oil industry is only his only reason for existence.

  12. hopeurforfreedom

    check the site of the API, you’re full of shit ….

  13. hopeurforfreedom

    API as government, have a look at the rise of American manufacturing. A few years ago, predicted the fall …

  14. hopeurforfreedom

    No, I do not remember the API. 2% is a huge increase in Moron ….

  15. BrainDeadRepublican

    Solyndra Playbook Labour Charter of 1927, the Grand Council of Fascism, Article 7: “The notion that state enterprises, private initiative in production, such as more efficient and useful tool for the nation”, Article 9 “State intervention in economic production may take place only where private initiative is lacking or insufficient, or if engaged in the political interest of the State. This intervention may take the form of control, encouragement or direct management take. “

  16. senoner90

    Of course, always working in the interest of those who finance election campaigns …. that’s the problem, if these campaigns are so expensive … someone has to fund and your requests will be granted after that 🙂

  17. 11111110

    For some reason, I tend to assume that the API knows more about the oil business than you. If the API does not even believe that 2% (at best) an increase in production will lower gas prices, why should I take the word over theirs?

  18. hopeurforfreedom

    A 2% increase in supply is important, just do not know enough to understand about the company, how it is. I guess they would prefer to import more from the Middle East and Venezuela, and give them 90 billion dollars a year. What is your problem with the retention of the $ 90 billion and delivers high-paying jobs here for people who need them? By the way, is that 2% will lead to a trillion dollars in 11 years that could be eliminated.

  19. 11111110

    Yes, oil is profitable. If the oil companies to sell that amount of oil to $ 100 per barrel, it would be really a lot of money. What is your point? There is still a 2% increase in supply. Increased supply of * anything * of 2% does not significantly reduce their prices

  20. hopeurforfreedom

    You obviously have no idea how big the oil business. 2.5 MMboe negligible. You must enroll in a comedy show ….

  21. hopeurforfreedom

    They are funny fucking to 2.5 million barrels of oil thought is not significant. Do the math idiot. A $ 100 per bo, which is 0.25 million dollars per day or $ 90 million annually. are stupid? Gosh damn grown man, a fucking brain.

  22. hopeurforfreedom

    Tea Party less than AA, fun busy. Tea Party has to go to work, have occupied the ass …. Tea Party Protests smoothly during OWS is only the mafia. They are funny ….

  23. Budviss

    Is not that the Obama regime is terrible? That would be like sending an organization, a generic name and the official sounding board and intends to use the unbiased, although personally I have gained about half a million dollars of Kosh and ExxonMobil. I wonder how you will meet in the evening, as you say, is that Obama’s friendship with slimy green for the company while you are perfect, even though you are sleeping are paid by big oil itself.

  24. 11111110

    Money (dot) CNN (dot) com/2011/04/25/news/economy/oil_drilling_gas_prices/index (dot) htmHier API is cited for its estimate, and will not try to argue that additional drilling will reduce the significantly gasoline prices. 2.5 million barrels per day seem like much, but put it in context. There is a 2% increase in delivery. Increased supply of * anything * of 2% is not significantly less Preisen.Eine tons of food like much, but if you have to feed an entire nation

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