Smartcomm experience reports at the International CES


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filled to more than 35 football fields of space, tech toys with newer, better looking, and investors pulled CES companies worldwide world had its fair celebrity sightings, including LL Cool J., Dennis Rodman, Robert Horry, John Sally and yes, even Justin Bieber.


DOPLE, director of spectrum policy in Smartcomm says walking the floor at CES is a blow up, sensory overload adventurebut worth it! LG HD 3D display was out of this world takes a wall of 3D action taking shape around you. Samsung reported 70 Ultra HD 4 times the HD resolution of the best on the market today, defined clarity like I did not know that was possible. From connected cars, 11.1. Dolby Surround systems to 3D printers for home manufacturing and smartphone powered robotics, was really something to see interesting for everyone

smartphones and tablets in the center this year. While LG is still in the game, Samsung attracted the most viewers with the many tablets that have been launched and the new phone Note. The first real crossover between a tablet and a phone with a 5-screen


also wore green initiatives like wirelessly connected studs for use, wireless monitoring appliances from your phone or computer, smart tapes to automatically cut the power supply to electronics when the track in the off mode, and solar solutions around the phone switches to the generators of the house.

consumer electronics and wireless industry are a merging world. You can control your home via telephone, please control your own multi-mode 4G LTE hotspot, WiMax and CDMA EVDO and and track their health and exercise wirelessly.

What to expect in the coming year? I hope we will hear more about the WiGig initiative until next year and hopefully CES 2013 will have new innovations from that platform, said Ms. DOPLE. WiGig operates at 60 GHz and the coupling device must be provided using less power, with much less interference than currently WiFi overcrowding.


Smartcomm, LLC


Smartcomm, LLC provides consulting services and mobile broadband opportunities in the wireless industry for individuals and institutions. The company specializes in opportunities to 800 MHz and 1.9 GHz spectrum through the filing of license applications, participation in FCC public auctions or acquisitions purchased in the secondary market.

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