Smart Guidelines – Basic Video Light by Steve Geffner


the producer and creator Steve Geffner shares a little smart about the basics of lighting for video production online. “Smart Tips” is produced by Geffner Productions. Please visit to figure out how to become an expert in the chamber of his own series of “Smart Tips” videos. Want to learn transcription, you will learn how to make this aspect of the video … place like this? So here’s a tip that will help smart a eureka moment was … true sense of the word! For basic video production, sit-down interview-style online, his two main concerns are: the overall brightness of the vaccine, and eliminate harsh shadows on the face. A simple 3-point lighting setup functions: a central light, which is their main source of light, fill light – with the shadow occurs in the face by the light of the key to decrease, and a light background allowing themselves away from the bottom, so not in mix now you can always adjust the brightness and contrast of color correction in post production, but keep in mind that the more fit your original footage , will suffer most of the image quality. I’m Steve Geffner, Geffner Productions producer and creator, and thanks for watching my advice to everyone!

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