Skyrim Godlike bow 652 dmg Tutorial


See descript for more info. You need to find in the game one piece of gear with any amount of +alchemy +smithing so that you can disenchant it. I have not found any place that guarantees these items. To farm mine, i spent about an hr fast travelling between different cities going to different blacksmiths until they sold a piece with that enchant on them. It doesn’t matter what the % is. 8 enchanting 7 smithing 7 alchemy. All values based on 100 skill. The skill number affects the quality of gear you craft. If you are having trouble getting the numbers in the vid after 100 skill level make sure your game is patched. Several people have messaged me having trouble hitting the final numbers with crafting and this seems to solve their problem. link to the alchemy recipes: 3 main potions: Marksman: Canis Root, Elves Ear, Juniper Berries, Spider Egg Enchanting: Blue Butterfly Wing, Hagraven Claw, Snowberries, Spriggan Sap Smithing: Blisterwort, Glowing Mushroom, Sabre Cat Tooth, Spriggan Sap To achieve the full numbers… absolutely completely: 1) 100 enchanting…make 25% alchemy gear. 2) Then 100 alchemy. Make enchanting potions with your +25% alchemy gear. This will be a 30% ench increase potion. 3) Drink said potion and quickly make new crafting gear. This will be 28% alchemy gear. Make new enchant potion. This will be 32% ench increase. 4) Make new gear for alchemy. It will be 29% alchemy gear. 5) Drink 32% ench potion. Now create your Smithing/ bow
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  1. donkylalex

    10?  6? what the fuck? Do you mean 100 and 60?


    i did it all, but as patch 9 daedric bow starts at 44 dmg or so, and because of that i did not even reach 500dmg.
    Its ok tho, i respect the game mechanics, im just happy that i reach the max i could at this patch.
    BTW i drink fortifity smithing along with smith gear (130%, 29% recpectively) before enhance my bow, it just before patch my game my bow base dmg was 55 .. but i could only do 20% alchemy potion, so after all hard work, it end up being almost the same i believe.

  3. twentysided

    easier way to farm the gear with fortify smithing/alchemy is to save before dealing with a trader and kill the trader if they don’t have what you need then load your save and they should have a new inventory

  4. Slaughterproof

    Notched pickaxe increases smithing 5pts if equipped.

  5. Hivenik

    If you’ve played Skyrim, you would know you can change the name of the item when you enchant it.

  6. hollycow123445

    That makes no sense…

  7. peoboii12

    Mine does 1,213 😀

  8. Saif Ali
    Saif Ali08-03-2012

    Where do i get smithing armor?!

  9. xW4RHAWKx

    You can get 5 peices of alchemy armor by having a circlet and a FALMER helmet on.

  10. romerortggoncalves

    the value also depends on your speech skill

  11. Pontus Rybecker
    Pontus Rybecker08-03-2012

    well the “dagger crafting skill boost” got nerfed so quickest way to level up now is to make gold rings and enchant them with sneak to get the most money out of it.

  12. TheAnimatedDog
    TheAnimatedDog08-03-2012 bow does over 22billion damage

  13. MalmoTraceur

    I’m 100 in alchemy and enchanting and fully perked. Still I can’t get my crafting armor higher than 22% better potions 🙁

  14. jaimedavila1

    Wasnt even using dadric bows… Damn

  15. Scarperial

    After you complete Mehrunes Dagon’s daedric quest, you can go back to his shrine every few days, and daedra monsters spawn so you can kill them for daedra hearts! Like so everyone can see!

  16. TBOT937

    i was but i dont know how to get dawngaurd for PC

  17. JxDwajxJ

    for anyone that didnt know thats the damage with a potion! regular u can get about 590

  18. thechemistexplains

    What is the damage of the bow without drinking any potions/ wearing armor that increases archery?

  19. TheImmaFag

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  20. psycodude440

    I actually made a bow with over 2,800 damage!

  21. mryupjup

    i have +135 smithing poitions but it doesnt work when i use them

  22. lubudude


  23. Tobi Silver
    Tobi Silver08-03-2012

    It’s up to 1337 in its newest form… lol

  24. HoloManoloHabbo

    The game was released 11/11/11!
    Look the date of video!

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