Setup a “a single light stand” … in the hotel? …One particular Light Photography

24 – Now why doing it on the floor when hotels are usually known for their comfortable king-sized double beds? Because this time, we wanted the photographs to look like studio photos. For our one light photography we manufactured a black floor by covering the floor with the black covers of my two collapsible reflectors. This gave us nearly 4 square meters of black ground. Sounds too small? Well, then let’s use the American way of saying it Nearly 45 square feet of black floor – sounds much better ­čÖé As you might guess, in order to light such a spacious “arena” one speedlight… is plenty – an easy one light photography setup.
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  1. marciocons

    Really nice video. Your tips are really simple and cool. Congratulations for that brother!´╗┐

  2. MadisonJ9Records

    It does explain around´╗┐ 2:27 in regards to ‘speedlight’ for the person asking (“,) Happy´╗┐ Shooting <3

  3. zodiacfml

    You seem to know what you’re doing than other photographers here in youtube.´╗┐ Thanks!

  4. mrpeep69


  5. marcin97


  6. meobeo1888

    What the wireless strigger you use?´╗┐

  7. MrBlofeld007

    Great info for those of´╗┐ us without huge flash and camera equipment, very inspiring work.

  8. adhamyaadham

    Hi ­čÖé do we need also in this photo speedlight´╗┐ on camera? thx

  9. ilife211

    did u make this before or´╗┐ after you started banging her?

  10. funniq

    Great movie again … And gosh … what a beautiful model … Wish´╗┐ I was young again … And in her league ­čśë

    I like the way that you explain the setup by a picture!! Well done!

    Warm regards

  11. adhamyaadham

    hi there´╗┐ ­čÖé is there a speedlight used “on camera” here? or its only the one behind the model?

  12. blucinemafilms

    Very informative and cool use of on camera´╗┐ flash.

  13. asphaltoll

    I expect the infrared´╗┐ beam to pass through the umbrella (only in the reverse direction of the flash light) in order for the flash on the camera to control the “stage” flash

  14. ChaosConRad

    was your´╗┐ on camera flash firing? or was it just controlling the 580 ?

  15. nodoxy

    Oh. And I´╗┐ miss your silk jacket.

  16. nodoxy

    Thank you thank you. The note about having two drops is important and so not planned well because I am often so focused on the foreground details and don’t really know how´╗┐ to create a background trail into the dark. A model does not have to be spot centered every time–what a concept.

  17. papysuave2

    20´╗┐ stars for you again….

  18. photoman022

    Michael: Great video! You are´╗┐ a fountain of knowledge. Thanks for sharing it!

  19. HDshawti

    great vid´╗┐

  20. Ghostrider8686

    You make great videos…..´╗┐ thanks for the tips! I like your creativity!

  21. Xeo989

    Grande !!!! Thanks !!!´╗┐

  22. renilicious

    Great tip! I’m going to´╗┐ try this one out fairly soon as it would really suit a gothic setting as well. ­čÖé Thanks Michael.

  23. FreePhotographyTips

    sure, but what would be a specific question you would like to have answered in the vid? Can you post the question somewhere on my blog SmokingStrobes? Then I am quite sure I’ll pick it´╗┐ up in a video

  24. FreePhotographyTips

    Thanks a lot´╗┐

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