Sarah Susanka Sets New Standard for housing, with the opening of the Showhouse not as big Nov. 19


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Libertyville, IL (PRWEB) November 15, 2011

The wait is over! On Saturday, November 19, Sarah Susanka, acclaimed architect and author of the bestseller “not so big house” series, along with the School Street Homes, the public opening of its not so great Showhouse at 138 School Street hosts in Libertyville, Illinois Emergence So Big Showhouse in School Street Susankas dimensional theory of what buyers are looking for in the new market reality.

Showhouse and School Street development are single-parent households bright spots in the housing industry bleak nations. This model home, Susanka raises the bar for the future of residential design. The room is perfectly adapted to the human scale and has all the elements of today’s home buyers desire: intelligent design, the high life in less space without beauty or comfort, a wide range of energy efficiency features, multiple rooms and spaces do double duty, and scheduled a floor changing homeowners and apartment can age in place.

In today’s market, not so great principles offer a new vision for the house of the future is not too big and not too small, but just right for the moment more budget conscious, said Susanka. The model home gives life to all elements of my books presented like never before. By combining my best not to build closer ties with School Streets innovative model of urban infill and vibrant Libertyville community, created a life experience that is much larger than the sum of its parts.

design is not so great for the present and the future of the

The Showhouse Susankas opening comes at a critical time for housing. For the second consecutive year, the average home size of 2,438 square feet 2009-2392 square feet in 2010 (1) has decreased. But smaller houses not only meet the demands of U.S. households homebuyers looking specifically designed for casual lifestyle, full of details, characters and energy saving features.

struggle in the current demand for a new approach and Sarah has really hit it out of the park with this design model home. She is a true visionary when it comes to understanding what it is looking for buyers, said John McLinden, developer, Casas Street School. It has received an incredible response and model home is not even open for tours yet. We can not wait to experience the public of this amazing house.

Living Spaces

developed lifestyle today

The Showhouse summarizes the identifying efficiency not so great quality and character, beauty and comfort of energy, and sustainability. Visitors will discover how unused formal spaces through spaces, the dual task to a house that feels spacious square footage can be created to substitute less.

Smart Design:. Homes in this innovative design, the kitchen is in the front of the house, connected to input in most households, where the formal living room is placed. Like most formal living rooms are rarely used, which keeps the porch out of sight and therefore out of mind. After Susanka, most people spend most of their time at home in the kitchen and informal dining. Connecting these important areas of the terrace encourages owners the porch more often, which in turn helps the sense of community that is so desirable in a Front Porch Revival community use as School Street.

Equipment, Double Duty do: There are three areas in the model home, to illustrate how spaces can do double duty: the library alcove and laundry located upstairs.

Library alcove becomes the formal dining room. On the few occasions when you need a formal dining room, the library alcove transforms simply moving the informal dining table space. If needed, the table can also be extended to the living room to accommodate a larger space events.

Away room accommodates four functions in a compact space. The room is designed primarily as a home office and playroom, but also easily converts into a guest room. It has a wall unit, from the couch to bed queen moves in a smooth transition and has the unique ability to make room for guests, without the need to store excess furniture. The room can also be a full-time bedroom main floor if necessary for the homeowner to live on one level, as they age.

triples as hobby room laundry and extra home office. Susanka conveniently floor laundry room, so it easily. In the rooms of the second floor room has lots of counter and storage space for office work, hobby and craft, to create a place where parents work, while boys can. Be designed. A fourth-purpose, which is well confused

Aging in Place: A major goal of the model home is a homeowner at home, despite their needs continue to change. Its plant is designed to easily adapt to mobility should be a problem. If you live in one level is a must, the Board of the opportunity to double as a master level. The mud room is across the hall from the room away, has a bathroom and can be modified to provide additional storage space for storing clothes main level. The house is also designed to accommodate a ramp from the alley to the back door, which may be necessary. The relatively flat terrain Street School, for its proximity to the main road Liberty Villes combination makes it the perfect place to stay for the owners as they age.

Energy efficiency: The house model was developed and certified to the Energy Star 3.0 standards more stringent, EPA planned to enter into force by mid next year to comply. To meet these advanced standards and provide lasting comfort and durability, the house has a set of efficiency features rarely found in homes today. It is fully insulated with a spray foam air barrier that not only seals walls, floors and ceiling voids, but also the spaces around electrical outlets and lights. The house has been the subject of reaching a state-of-the-art air duct sealing, even air distribution throughout the house ensures maximum comfort and superior indoor air quality. It has a system of heat recovery ventilation and furnace systems and air conditioning, to overcome current performance, and is pre-wired for solar panels incorporating photovoltaic and other renewables.

Intelligent Design Touches: Visitors will be in the elements of simple yet sophisticated pattern found throughout the house, deeply admired improving home comfort and character. In the bathroom is a clever hidden drawer provides access to extra toilet paper within reach of the toilet. Window at the top of the central stairwell let natural light pool from above, creating a feeling of light and in the main hall. The windows can be opened to provide a natural passive cooling, extracting the hot air out of the house is like a chimney. Susanka also added small glass block windows in the corners of the room, and upstairs laundry, house and apartment owners offer a clear view of the front and back of the house.

Visit the show flat in November 19

Showhouse at 19 November, from 9 to 16.00 clock clock After the opening of the show house will be open for public tours purposes week for six months.

I’ve spent the last 12 years writing about Design House is not so great. Now is the time for the live demo. For years I have to give my fans the opportunity to experience, everyone wanted these design principles first hand, put Susanka. By keeping the model home open to the public for six months, people will be able to k
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