Sailing magician! – Free Pre-Keyed candle flame!


download link below! This is a pre-keyed candle flame that you are free to use for commercial and non-commercial. It would be swell if I mentioned it, but you use it all in. The clip is about 46 seconds to download. I hope the dinky introductory clip also has. I wanted something to go along with the file, so you can see how I can put it to work. This video is only used this asset, nothing more. This is the new improved version of the Sail, Enjoy! Download Link: Follow me! But not in a creepy way … Website: Twitter Google+: Facebook: Creative Commons Music by Kevin MacLeod
Video Rating: 4/5

  1. KINGIamMO

    OK, but how do you get the lights to go along with the candle flickers

  2. UncoveredSheet

    Finally she gets rain on fire: D Thanks!

  3. Knoptop


  4. krotoflik

    Hell, yeah!

  5. sticktodrum

    COOL! Now I can turn anything into a lighter! Thanks man.

  6. krotoflik

    Hey, I can read what WMM see transparent channel in the videos. If I were you, I would download “beta Lightwork.” It’s free and it’s much better than WMM over what I’ve read, it should work with transparent videos “alpha channel”. To get the most for your money, and download Blender 2.61 I learn to know better of luck!

  7. ItsStillStefan

    How I can use it on Windows Movie Maker? Please help, very frustrating

  8. Neumannfilms

    Awesome! Sure I’ll find a use for this.

  9. krotoflik

    Thank you guys!

  10. MrRahulzz

    Double like!

  11. mediamaker2000

    Very impressive!

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