ry64 Pokemon Hacking Tutorials — FR LG: Adjust the color of the title screen FR


This tutorial may not work for the green leaf! In this tutorial I will change the colors of the title screen. The easiest part, in my opinion. To make things easier for me, I had set the range of movement of the title screen. This will not be automatically in the APE. I also had wanted to use different colors if you recorded them. This is the same ROM that was hacked in another tutorial, “ry64 Pokemon Hacking Tutorials — FR LG: Pokémon FR Changing the title screen to” see here: www.youtube.com palette’s title scrolling display: Some 00EAE094 colors to anyone who wants to: Red: Green 3F08: 1213 W: FF7F Sky-ish blue: blue 096A: 4649 Black: 0000 Programs used: APE, for processing the range for the game VisualBoyAdvance (easy, right?)

  1. anonymusdevil

    title espaniol screen? Any idea man

  2. spydermonkey44

    This was in my fourteenth Birthday baller status haha ​​Ryan, who is abunch of views loaded!

  3. SpriteAnimations

    It arose not for them 140 or 141

  4. hyoneff

    omfg not work load wpnt title thingy

  5. YuiStudios

    Tyvm! Now all I have to find the range of the flames.

  6. silverthehedgehog13

    What is the displacement of the green leaf

  7. 6ryan4

    No, unfortunately I do not know. I’m really only good with hacking FR and LG. R, S and E / are a lot of hack / heavy. (Well, at least for me.)

  8. w7y7a7t7t

    know the range of the Ruby title screen offset?

  9. XmareepX

    Friend thank you so much I’m going to evaluate everything and suscribeu rock dude

  10. XmareepX

    no matter that was just somthing else

  11. XmareepX

    my stuff in Spanish

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