RURAL TV Taps provide weather forecasts to central Switzerland high impact for the public in countries throughout the U.S.


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Madison, Wisconsin (PRWEB) July 10, 2012

Weather Central Switzerland LP, the manufacturers provide the most watched weather system in the world, announced today that the rural television has its fusion weather system will used for weather forecasts are customized and tailored to the priorities and to address the prospects for rural America. Rural TV recently aired the merger with Central Weather forecasts and provides an integral part of its programming lineup, which is distributed via satellite, cable and IPTV services. Climate change is also high level of RFD-TV network and the Internet in

RURAL TV chief meteorologist CT Thongklin said Weather Central Switzerland Fusion helps me make the most of precious time, both the camera and during the preparation period. The fusion interface is second nature to me so quickly get the information I need and want to build the scenes to supply air. I love telling stories as tools MagicTRAK? encourages me to interact with the images in my presentation and that gives me time in my own style. Rural TV is very sensitive to the needs of their viewers and Central Switzerland Time Fusion provides the flexibility we need for the development of more effective presentation of the forecast.

the merger of the Central Weather

Switzerland, offers the most accurate presentation worlds climate solution within a complete presentation, professional studio and chroma-key production system. Features include:

? The publication of indigenous content of the Internet and mobile platforms.
? Integration with social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.
? MagicTRAK allowed in the air talent to interact in real time with the graphic content, video games and virtual drawing, highlighting and moving objects with a wireless video signal remote control, and the fingertips.
? Cast Available 1KM delivery? that provides high resolution, the exact time.
?. Technology scene release, the moderators, work interactively to tap the screen, and start completely new scenes for a seamless narrative allows

RURAL TV also uses ESP: LIVE? Central Weather cover to storms.

Weather Central Switzerland

Vice Boss Media Solutions, said Bill, RURAL TV offers a clear perspective on the climate, which focuses on the variables that matter in life and livelihood of its audience. The networks are creating meteorologists the ability to play many Central Weather data and indexes, the graphics are of great relevance for the audience, and then use the full range of storytelling tools to force in the merger to deliver world-class weather forecasting.

For a complete overview of the solutions of the Central Weather visit.


on television: television is a rural media and agribusiness network of rural lifestyle dedicated to educating and entertaining the world’s growing population. Launched on February 15, 2012, manufacturers of RFD-TV, has participated RURAL primetime news programs on television in agribusiness and rural areas, climate, global updates of market products, extensive coverage of events, international trade, farm and horse shows, livestock auctions expansion, equipment and ranch Reports and independent productions. For more information, visit

company based in Omaha, Nebraska, with production in Nashville, Tennessee


Weather Central Switzerland, Switzerland Central Time LP, LP, 1974 by broadcasters and meteorologists in Madison, Wisconsin, was founded and is the leading professional provider OnAir, online, print and mobile solutions the company and the weather forecast in North America and the world’s major customers. Leveraging the Company’s system of dynamic weather graphics, prediction models and accurate data and patented technology, more than 1,000 members and hundreds of millions of consumers around the world benefit from Weather Central’s attention at the time of presentation, detail and insight.

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