Road to be an Editor – Layered Color Correction


Road to be an Editor - Layered Color Correction

In this episode you will learn: -How to be a beast editor -How to use layered CC -How to make an over edit SoaR Curaa – SoaR Curaa CC pack v2 Leave a comment down below if you have an effect or transition you want me to make a tutorial about. – Links and shizz – My Channel – My Clan – My Twitter – The FIRST Episode –


    You need magic bullet looks to use this effect.

  2. TehCivic

    it says im missing The effetc looks? Help?

  3. Higgzy2K10

    Ctrl + Shift + D

  4. Sxnse

    can i add you on skype so i can ask u a few questions? i basically need to know how to cut clips :/

  5. ThatKidHospey

    this is sucha good series! thanks so much for making these! i will be starting editing very soon and will send you my progress 🙂

  6. Estreenful

    Your tutorials are so awesome! Can you make a tutorial of how to make montage editing easier (not so confusing)? When I edit a montage, everything is so messy :p

  7. HybridTaKticz

    hey fritz how would you like to actually start begin a cod editor… we need an editor on my clan we are trying to get big… with better editing and more support we can make it we are a puertorrican clan thought everyone is allowed to join… all of us can speak english and are very friendly if you want more info message me back!

  8. xTRoLLSNiPiNGx

    that was Sick as Fritz! …. that was lame…. rewind – wuuzzuuwiikiiwuuzzz— That was awesome!

  9. GushDzn


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