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In this tutorial, I show you how to bring pictures to life by making them move their mouths as if they were talking in which then you could make them say anything in After Effects automatically without the need to sit for hours adding keyframes. Here’s the expression used: ==== temp = thisComp.layer(“Audio Amplitude”).effect(“Both Channels”)(“Slider”) * 10; [position[0], position[1] + temp] ==== Learn how to do this in Sony Vegas: www.youtube.com Facebook: goo.gl Twitter: twitter.com Site: robertsproductions.net Request: robertsproductions.net Email: Robert@robertsproductions.net (Questions)
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Analog to digital. Flatbed editing to Avid/1. SD to HD—and now to 3D. Final Cut Pro to Final Cut Studio and back to Final Cut Pro X. Where are we? Where have we come from? Where are we going? Throughout the history of film and video editing, there have been many watershed moments that have turned the industry on its head. Each has been met with uncertainty, but ultimately led way to the industry’s next paradigm shift. In this special Tekserve event, presented by Evan Schechtman of @radical.media and Outpost Digital, and co-sponsored by Manhattan Edit Workshop, we took a look at the history of digital video editing—with a particular focus on Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, and how this just-released software sets the foundation for the industry’s next big revolution. ——— Tekserve finesses advanced audio and video workflows, networks, and storage solutions. Tekserve provides unparalleled professional support, consulting, and installation services for the latest hardware and software. Tekserve’s Solutions Experts are ready to discuss the customized solutions they can tailor for your business to streamline its operations. Call or email today to schedule a consultation: pro@tekserve.com or 212 381-6363 www.tekserve.com 119 West 23rd Street, NYC

  1. kenjisan1967

    What extra steps are there if I want two mouths to move to one sound wav

  2. bfoster15no2

    Great tut, I made mona lisa say “Lick me” but a helpful tip. My wav file was off the internet and it was really loud and her mouth was all over the show, so what I did was *0.6 and it fixed it alot.

  3. MrFannyfarts

    i have been looking for a way to do this since 2001 when the Shig video was first made, thank you very much !!!

  4. CatastrophicKiidz

    Aye bro did you find out which expression was used for mac cause im stuck in that too if you did please reply and tell ill appreciate it ;c

  5. HunterWink303

    good toutorial. thanks

  6. destroyerjosh1

    everytime i put a wav file in it says that its due to disk space but i have 306 gb ? i need help

  7. imacroxsobad

    you have the same EXACT intro as yoteslaya

  8. asemtheawesome

    i tried to make it with another audio but i couldn’t. it kept moving the mouth the old moves. complicated :p

  9. djbeto267

    Click the layer with the black solid and hit “S” on your keyboard to bring up the scale and scale it down.

  10. RDLandscapes

    When i select the black solid to resize it no thing comes up around it to be able to make it smaller, u got any ideas?

  11. TheDiebastian

    tak you you save my life

  12. skwop

    Thanks for the great simple tutorial really helped. Any idea how to do it so the mouth moves with the words of a song and not the beat/music aswell? Thanks in advance 🙂

  13. djbeto267

    Glad you were able to figure it out!

  14. glox023

    i tried that,but it didn’t worked…never mind,i fixed it now.it was a .PNG file,i dk why i cuoldn’t use it,but after using format factory(i just selected that .PNG image file and change extension to .PNG,i know,weird,but it worked!tnx anyway 😉

  15. djbeto267

    You’d need to drag the frame out to make it longer.

  16. glox023

    hey,i just wanna know how to import image in after effects?i mean,when i import image it’s only on 1 frame and then it’s gone…pls help

  17. 3S3ThatGuy

    what is the expression if your using a mac, cause every time i enter the expression it shows up as an error

  18. MissChiaraBell

    windows vista??? 😀

  19. djbeto267

    Try clicking and dragging the pen tool.

  20. TangoAct

    how do u curve the mask plzz help??

  21. Jilara1

    Or maybe it didn’t import the entire audio.

  22. Jilara1

    Awesome tute. So entertained right now. But for some reason the animation doesn’t last the entire audio time. I can’t work it out!

  23. Jilara1

    Mine is doing that now! Hahahaha makes me laugh so much

  24. 2penry2

    Hi play around with the expression value of 10, I found that changing 10 to either 0.3 had the best results for me. when i doubt just play around with the variables
    temp = thisComp.layer(“Audio Amplitude”).effect(“Both Channels”)(“Slider”) * 10;
    [position[0], position[1] + temp]

  25. Justin Ciminero
    Justin Ciminero06-27-2012

    :53 I love the look on this lady’s face walking in the background. “Toto…I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”

  26. jimixsx

    As for all comparison and dissing commentage from the pro user massive, there’s not a point of it that isn’t true about FCP X.
    Apple has, as this guy says, ‘cut the cord’ and created a paradigm shift. The company’s essential error is to have called this product Final Cut Pro and replaced the product that IS FCP with this.
    It’s a new product, a new idea and its lack of backward compatibility and feature coherence only confirms that.

  27. jimixsx

    Sensational overview. Maybe a *little* too specialist and in-talking at moments but he’s not doing it for iMovie users. Anybody who doesn’t know what or why Apple are up to with FCP X will be intellihanced

  28. motabbirh

    How do i import AVCHD video from my sony NEX 5 to imac OSX Lion without using imovie 11?
    can i import it to imac hard drive and save it there ?

  29. AshleysApps

    the 3 thing fcpx originally missed are now in apart from backward compatability which uses a third party plugin

  30. Synicade

    It’s only outputting to right audio because it was edited using Final Cut X

  31. dandylion911

    need help when i drag my image to the time line why does the quality decrease

  32. MrSF28

    43:55 “What is this new tech?” (in old man voice).

  33. rexiphone

    I never liked the Old Final Cut Pro ( And I really Know How to use it ) FCPX it’s one of my favorite TOYS next to Autodesk® Smoke® 2013

    Thumbs Up for Final Cut Pro X (10.0.4 and Up) ¡Haters !!!

  34. alanbstard4

    good presenter

  35. nuclearfrank

    This guy knows what he’s talking about. Good show. Thumbs up.

  36. danbroom

    they do…they have…look at the apple website. I think its worth bearing this in mind when looking this video.They have a vested interest…and they’re not cutting films (for cinema) they’re cutting promos and docs, too. Apple don’t seem to be investing in the Pro market generally which is a bigger problem…

  37. danbroom

    they do…they have…look at the apple website. I think its worth bearing this in mind when looking this video.
    they have a vested interest…and they’re not cutting films (for cinema) they’re cutting promos and docs, too. Apple don’t seem to be investing in the Pro market generally which is a bigger problem…

  38. Genixel

    Hmm…this is a bit more reassuring. But I have Premiere Pro now and love it.

    There are too many things missing for FCPX, like not being able to mute audio/turn off video layers.

    Premiere Pro is so similar to FCP7, the switch is pretty damn easy. There are definitely a few things missing from Premiere Pro…but not as much is missing compared to FCPX and FCP7.

    However, if I could choose FCP7 over Premiere Pro…I definitely would…

  39. pngmangitasol

    42:33 proper multicam exists now in FCPX 10.0.3/10.0.4

  40. gorillasocks

    Premiere Pro is amazing.

    I have RT h264 DSLR editing, and full hardware GPU acceleration, on a $600 PC I built. It runs like a dream.

    Should I even get into how well it integrates with After Effects, Photoshop, or Illustrator?

  41. timeknowsfilms

    This is a great video. I have FCP X and have used all the other bullshit editing software(Including FCP 7) and I absolutely love FCP X. Its tough to make films as is and to deal with complicated outdated software is a waste of time and energy. I cant stand Adobe CS5(Garbage). This is great editing software and those who like using complicated crap thats their preference. Great video and very true.

  42. valonw

    Who the fuck dislikes this?

  43. isrsan

    my left ear feels deaf

  44. piano25

    18:40 looks like it didnt fix this audio 😛

  45. tcbetka

    Great video. Definitely presents FCP X in a very good light. It’s certainly been bashed enough elsewhere…

  46. MrZoranGajic

    he is relatively fat for a skateboarder, I am sure he makes funny tricks!!!

  47. eyeofinfinity


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