Redsn0w Jailbreak TUTORIAL iOS four.2, 4.two.1 iPhone four, 3GS iPad iPod Touch 2G/3G/4G [How To]


Complete tutorial that will show you (live) the Jailbreak process while using redsn0w on any device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) except iPhone and iPod touch first Gen. Similarly to Limera1n and GreenPois0n, redsn0w will give you access to the Cydia application (which gives you millions and millions of possibilities!) Free applications, interface modifications, winterboard themes, games, tweaks and more! Subscribe: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Facebook: —————————— Download your iDevice software here: Then download redsn0w For Macs: For Windows: The MC model thing (instructions should also be in redsn0w: Check your model number….if it begins with “MC” then you have the new bootrom if it is not “MC” then you have an older bootrom also check the 4th and 5th number in you serial number if it is lower then 40 then you have an old bootrom. settings, general, about……..scroll down to model number and check………….. mine is MC131C (new bootrom) and check serial number as well… my serial is new bootrom ***43****** the first two numbers in the serial are the factory numbers, the third number is the year it was made and the two numbers following those numbers are the week of that year it was made. TROUBLESHOOTING: a) Before opening Redsnow, Right Click on it and hit Properties. Then go to ‘Compatibility’ tab. Here Check mark 2 things. One will be on top

  1. frogarmy7

    i just used green poison and it worked 1st try

  2. HACKER68693

    same herer need help have u figured out wht to do yet frogarmy7

  3. jaelin coleman
    jaelin coleman05-01-2012

    ok swag

  4. lavadr

    Start again but try holding the power button at the end for much longer! Cheers!

  5. frogarmy7

    Its just sits on waiting for reboot for me…

  6. lavadr

    Try again! Make sure to turn your device off before!

  7. IllFixYourProblem

    Easy metode to jailbreak your Iphone.

    watch this video watch?v=o2aej0cD6Yk

  8. kiddtonik

    dfu mode is not working please help !!

  9. lavadr

    This redsn0w doesn’t support 4.2.1 Try my latest “Greenpois0n” video on my channel. Search for it. Cheers!

  10. Ghabachhh96

    It says the Ipod touch 2g MC model isnt out yet? did i do something wrong or what lol

  11. lavadr

    Search for “Greenpois0n” on my channel and use the most recent Greenpois0n to jailbreak!

  12. ToxxxicGaming

    Sorry it says, “unable to recognize specified Ipsw”

  13. ToxxxicGaming

    um i have a Iphone 3g 4.2.1 and when i click on browse for my iphone firmware, i click on it and it says,” this firmware is unrecognizable”. What am i doing wrong?

  14. lavadr

    You could Jailbreak with Greenpois0n. Search for “greenpois0n” on my channel and search for the latest video on 4.2.1

  15. lavadr

    Check my “IPSW fix” video. Check on my channel and search for “IPSW” you will find the video tutorial. Cheers!

  16. buttcake36

    im new to this. how do i make it untethered? i cant open cydia or safari :/

  17. CantTrustYouNow

    Ugh. I download the firmware but when I click it it goes file into file. D: So I cant jailbreak it. HELP~~!

  18. lavadr

    Restart but keep on holding the home button for as long as possible at the end. Cheers!

  19. djn1270

    mine gets frozen when it says “waiting for reboot”

  20. djn1270

    just plug in your ipod then hold shift & click restore them choose where you saved the firmware and double click on it and there it should just turn on and have the same settings as it had

  21. Lautsii

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  22. lavadr

    Try again and keep on holding the home button for as long as possible at the end. Hold it for 30-40 seconds.

  23. YellowGirlMarta

    my jailbreak with ipod g3 4.2.1 end’s up on “Exploiting with limera1n” directly after putting it in the DFU mode…loads only 50% sometimes like 70%…what to do?

  24. lavadr

    What windows?

  25. weaverthebeast123

    how do i get those windows

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