PSP LCD Screen Replacement / Repair Guide


Purchase Locations: –Local Ads – –Ebay – http –GameAsylum – –VideoGameCentral – –VideoGameAction – _____________________ Cost: – My Initial time ever recording my voice on camera -_- bare with it. Sorry about the Lighting in some locations but hopefully you get the concept. Tags:なおし モンスターハンター

  1. wanderlei786

    is this the PSP 1003 Mode?

  2. tacogecko333

    sorry but no. i tried fiddling with it but that made it worse. i ended up getting a new one 4 Christmas ^_^

  3. brid4money

    I have the exact same problem
    Did you figure out how to fix it?

  4. Zammmeh

    lol looks like you took a hammer to your screen

  5. chikiwiky1

    no cuz as long as it doesnt touch the screen itself its ok!! 😀

  6. deepcovergecko

    I Like Fanta

  7. lycan651

    hey i droped my psp about 2 feet to the ground lucky it was carpet and i was playing in my dads car and the sun his my psp and you could kina see throught the pino black and their was a 3 little cracks around the psp not the screen should i worry or is this simply the paint job

  8. SVMKM23

    I have scratches on the top of the screen… Will this affect the actual lcd or just the plastic things on top

  9. Crescent520

    @9608699: you might have the same problem as me.
    See the small tab like thing beside the other connector?

    The small one is the brightness key for the screen, or the thing that makes your screen LCD.

    Without that, your PSP is like a gameboy advance that doesn’t work in sunlight.

  10. write2be

    Man I got a set of those screwdrivers in 5 different sizes for aud$1.30 in Dick Smith wow!

  11. stravvhat

    where you get screwdriver and how much it cost?

  12. gluis2k

    Hello, I am replacing my broken screen. I checked amazon and saw some familiar brands and some not. Is there any diffrence? Should I just go with the cheaper no name brand?

  13. SuperRaeMe

    Alright I confess.. I watch this video every once an awhile just because I like your voice. This has been going on for years… 🙂

  14. kolinmartz

    all the screws on my psp got worn out now i cant use a regular screw driver what do i do

  15. 9608699

    I did everything you said but when i turn it on it stayed black and i can hear the noise. Help please?

  16. 9608699

    ima follow your video. I got two psp but one if the screens are broken and the other one analog stick is moving by its self. ima just switch the screens.

  17. terrists1

    thank you this helped ALOT !

  18. JhizzleJ

    @djorlando can u post a video on where the audio sound bar is so i can make sure to check it out to see y the audio is probably damaged?

  19. JhizzleJ

    i did this whole tut, right but my sound is not working at all where did i go wrong in this video? and plus i restarted well restored it to default settings and the sound is still not working?

  20. 119228337

    /watch?v=kHJl1yLBfLs (PLEASE HELP ME)

  21. SoulCallyGuy

    he haz fanta and we dont 0:26

  22. CrackinTeefSkwad


  23. MP3videos

    I have everything I need except a screen…Matt, can you go get the screen? Matt? *Matt juggles some random power tools, and Tom.* MATT!
    Matt: OKAY okay, I’m going…

    In short, I have everything except a screen…Matt, can you go get the screen? Matt? *Matt juggles some random power tools, and Tom.* MATT!
    Matt: OKAY okay, I’m going.

    (Above was done on purpose for humor, my humor is fail, I know, don’t bleeding flame me!) Anyways, I hope I can find a replacement screen ASAP.

  24. gnetix1

    Thanks for the info man. It turns out I had a bad screen. If I applied pressure to the power connection cord with my finger the lines would go away. The eBay seller was understanding and sent me a replacement in just a few days. Everything is back to normal now! 🙂

  25. p002500p

    I was searching for the same answer but couldn’t find anyone else with the same problem as you. I ended up fixing the line problem on the new screen. At 5:22 in this video, I didn’t have this piece put in all the way, so that’s why there was some information coming across the screen, but not all of it. I solved it by using my fingernail to snap it in place. I heard a little click and knew it was in. Before, I had only pushed it in a little bit without hearing a snap

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