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Irvine, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2010

After months of deliberations ProMAX Marquise Technologies has excellent systems, the exclusive U.S. retailer rain and fog, software and turnkey solution based on NVIDIA Digital Video Pipeline. Marquise Technologies also has distributors in Italy, France, Norway and Japan.

This partnership will enhance the fire ProMAX value through a unique solution for workflow editors. The advantage for the software and turnkey solution is to have the opportunity to prepare your footage on the computer or in the pre-post. Both platforms are the next generation and post-production tools for the future of film and digital tapeless conceived.

These products offer high-end features for image processing, data conforming, color correction, restoration and finishing. One of the main advantages of these programs is all done in real time without rendering.

Jess Hartmann, CEO of Promax Systems believes that creating a unique opportunity for these products, the convergence between the production and flow of post-production work, we all think about how we create the maximum efficiency. This new toolset combines workflow between production and post-production in RAW you on set, saving you hours of cleanup work in the post.


Promax is a partner of choice for the management of our products in the U.S. market, mainly because of their industry knowledge and their team of experts. Promax also has built a deep understanding of the technology of our products and this gives them a considerable advantage in terms of customer support in the U.S.. Furthermore ProMAX fully shares the philosophy of our products, “says Laurence Stoll, CEO of Marquise Technologies.

as exclusive distributor in the United States. educational opportunities through demonstrations and detailed consultations Promax For more information about solutions and how they benefit your workflow, saving time and money, please contact PROMAX system.



ProMAX system since 1994 has been providing digital media solutions for the professional creative industry, including video editors, web developers and designers, translators, production and post-production professionals and digital photographers. Learn about Promax


Marquise Technologies

Marquise Technologies designs state of the art solutions for the industry post-production.

like precious jewels, each product has been released deep thought, designed and made with care, for full customer satisfaction. Building excellence: will consist of the ideas and visions of the designers and engineers that combines a common goal and a common spirit. Learn about the technologies Marquise:


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