Producing a “green screen” for three!


simplest way to get a green screen footage, 3 occasions two meters .5 meters rolls of crepe paper. Blue or green, does not really matter. Sticking to the wall. Ideally you have good lighting on the screen, and very good lighting in what is in front of the screen. Then all you need is a Chroma Important impact in your video software program (most of the videos have the impact), then you can in everything you want to replace the blue screen. I was in a hurry here (for the next collab video with Crissy and Aaron), and as a result had no time to “smooth out wrinkles.” This is just to give you an thought of ​​how swiftly and inexpensively, can generate a green screen footage / blue screen. Setup took about 15 minutes (with my limited and poor lighting) and charges a whopping $ 3! As constantly, this video is Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (Attribution thunderf00t)

  1. menue4real

    The basic idea behind the principle is to get a background color that is very unusual, and is not part of the DUT at the scene. If you are using the video, is a better choice to select the color green because the modern camera sensors used twice as many pixels as green, blue or red. More keys = better

  2. VyckRo

    Now .. If you ever use a video camera to make a movie with you, I will use this method 😉

  3. Frosttty

    What if you have blue eyes?

  4. Layla5915

    I just mean, you said that will show us how to make a green screen. the screen is blue … you have to say? eyy?

  5. DeusExWhyZed

    He brought the music of Benny Hill when placing this video!

  6. PaganGlade

    : O magician! lol: D Good advice, thanks for sharing ~ ~ PG

  7. MisterRedstone

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  8. Zcypot

    I love her voice ^ _ ^ TF

  9. dumbnetworks

    good shit

  10. SeltsamerAttraktor


  11. SeltsamerAttraktor

    Hahaha, I knew you were going to show here, =)

  12. SeltsamerAttraktor

    Hahaha, I knew you were going to show here, =)

  13. SeltsamerAttraktor

    Hahaha, I knew you were going to show here, =)

  14. SeltsamerAttraktor

    Hahaha, I knew you were going to show here, =)

  15. SnowWalkerPrime

    Good job man. I had not considered the use of paper. I took a pair of lime green leaves and operated flights. I’ve managed to use the backdrop of an icy snow, or pond successfully. A sky blue or gray uniform will work, but it is difficult to find a place where you can bring that to find. I Dawah is trawling attention. Maybe he is waiting for you to do the dance off. P

  16. chadd990

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  17. chadd990

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  18. Craydon

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  19. Whatever4690

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  20. stengevarsel

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  21. DawahFilms

    Not necessary. Just go to Cornell.

  22. FHomeBrew

    What if a white light source such as a spoon (offscreen, of course) between you and the whole blue screen would be the elimination of the shadow on the screen? Also, I read somewhere that blue screens are actually better than the green screen jitter and anti-aliasing/bleeding heard in recording equipment of poor quality. I think not, although wissen.Great vid: D

  23. lostismyconstent

    I am pleasantly surprised, it worked with the folds in it, but it’s great doing it!

  24. MagorianAx

    Awesome! Thanks for the info.

  25. thunderf00tCC

    I use Sony Vegas, which by virtue of its “effects” and “chroma”. Good luck!

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