Producer Bob Bekian uses technology and innovation to keep production in California


Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) March 2, 2012

producer, media entrepreneur and CEO Bob Leal Bekian Studios themselves with the entertainment industry required by the migration of California. States like New Mexico and Utah continued production of television and Hollywood movies to draw with tax benefits, incentives and other loans in an effort to project (and new revenue) in its domain.

costs the state of California and the companies related to the production of millions of dollars in lost revenue and put a big dent in the income of the partners. working producer and studio owner Bob notes Bekian From rental companies catering, with Hollywood and around Los Angeles, the center of the entertainment industry for over 100 years when the first design of its operations in South California due to favorable weather throughout the year. We have the legacy of production here has, as well as those with more experience in the industry, making it my mission to keep the production of which has been spilled joins other states, due to cost Bekian.

Bekian and studies have integrated the new high-definition camera technology and combines it with digital studios, and virtual sets and locations with visual effects compositing techniques offer. We have been in the forefront of the digital revolution, producing more than 800 projects in our studies with the latest equipment and the best people. “By using virtual sets and green screen technology with special lighting and cameras Bekian and his team are able to put a hot topic in several artificial (but realistic) scenarios without leaving Burbank or Santa Monica Studios. Budgets production of commercials and music videos have been much in the last five years, and with increasing brand for Internet content (those little dots that appear on-line), has Bekian to maximize budgets through the use of the latest HD camera systems including the various RED ONE and ARRI Alexa cameras the focus. Canon has also benefited from the new budget, smaller, many projects are now in a new generation of handheld shooting DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras HD video recording and high-quality still images.

Bekian formula combined provide these types of digital cameras, sound processing stages of the art equipment and the best creative. in a “one-stop-shop” for production Our projects range from feature films to television, commercials and music videos, and usually cost a quarter the price of a traditional production through the use of our technology and innovation. “Plan Bekians seems to work, as it is constantly firing at their places of studies many people loyal and are adjusted as a result.” We have the best professionals in the industry here in our area, and it is my goal to make them work and help me to help our local economy. “

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