Produce a High Key Photo Making use of CS4


Create a High Key Photo Using CS4

Generate a high important photograph using Photoshop CS4

  1. veteq101

    Thank you for taking your time to make and post this tutorial, worked great with my pictures.

  2. aena06

    I like the results of your tutorial however, your keyboard shortcuts ( e.g Control Delete? once the new channel is created ) do not work for me. Is there a way to show this w/o shortcuts? – I am using a Mac and your conversion to the control key is “command” for me – but command delete is not working! – Pls help!

  3. GrandMasterJun

    hi, great video, but sometimes it depends on the pictures, i have some images the everytime i click on the RGB, it cant select the high lighted areas, or few areas can only select unlike your picture, every important detail was selected, little help pls

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