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(Press Box) August 2, 2012

The new video of this Latina star up-and-coming, unconditional call was post-produced on the top floor, Miami premiere post-conditioning, which also corrects the color and video produced by the video effects in 2D. The video was selected by Royce to promote his second album, following the success of the first.

as in the advertising world, where they often learn to walk before we can learn to walk, sometimes speed is the opposite of quality, so it’s not too often that we find the two. Prince Royce new music video reflects the value of this rare combination. Director Pablo Croce with the post-production on the top floor, the workhorse is unconditional for an artist, whose meteoric rise to the top of the charts a pleasant surprise to many. The biggest challenge was to bring this concept art and put them in a very short time. A team like the one shown on the top floor is key to these projects, because they are an actual engine, speed limits, drive, without sacrificing quality. Everything was very efficient and runs without error, says Croce, is recognized internationally known for its award-winning work in Lips, who led the group of people in Mexico?.

unconditional Royce was selected by the Phase I, I, his second attempt to promote after the resounding success of his self-titled debut album Prince Royce. The singer-songwriter wanted the music video ready for its world debut at the same time as the Billboard Latin Music Awards on April 26 was held in Miami and Royce, where he and Don Omar, were the big winners. Prince Royce recorded no less than 8 awards at the gala. “Unconditional” is a bachata with mariachi. I got the idea after True Love forgives recorded with people? in Mexico and realized that the fans enjoyed the format. We take the music video in downtown Mexico City with Ariadne, D? Az, a talented young actress. I really think the video is super cool. It’s a very romantic song that respects the essence of bachata, the details of the young artist (started 2010) in his short career, and 12 Billboard Latin Music Awards, Premios Lo Nuestro accumulating seven, 2 Grammy nominations and awards 4 has Youth.

addition to post-production, design and implementation Up, the effects of 2-D animation and visual and color correction, as the material for unconditionally. During this time record. It is a matter of magic. Top Reviews in Miami President Anabella Sosa. The secret is in a pre-production. The project was carried out in 7 days, but who were organizing the logistics well in advance. The goal was to have everything prepared and double checked at every step, when the material arrives. Good communication and coordination between the director Pablo Croce was also key to the success of the project, said Sosa.

has unconditional praise the media and the approval of the fans who have a Phase II in the second place in the Billboard charts. Everything is moving fast for this talented artist is to make it happen.

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