Premiere Pro CS3 – 16×9 4×3 Media Tutorial Project


Oops, I can not believe I was working on a wide screen, but my media is 4×3. What a waste of time! Or is it? Interpretation of pixel aspect ratio (PAR) and importation of new projects in themselves. – Jon Barrie
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the full post on my website: This video tutorial shows how to solve the “Black Screen of Death” problem of the netbook Acer Aspire One This is a very common problem with this netbook, since it was launched market with a faulty BIOS software, which can eventually fail and must be updated. The black screen problem seems caused by the abrupt change of nebook be, this can be done mafunctions battery. Be sure to check this other video: And thinking of buying a new battery, here’s a link you can use: This problem is so widespread that the solution manufacturer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions decided to publish) from his website. Note that the instructions in the official FAQ says to download the 3309 version of the BIOS to correct the problem, but I get the black screen again a few months after repair. My recommendation (as seen in the video) is to me the latest BIOS version for your particular model, get the Acer Aspire One These are the instructions according to Acer. “Create a recovery USB drive to update the BIOS on the device, the steps to perform this recovery with the USB drive are: 1. Download and Unzip (found in support.acer .. com 2 Name Name BIOS for 3309.fd zg5ia32.fd 3 Copy and Flashit.exe zg5ia32.fd the USB flash drive 4 Restart the recovery process: ….. A. Plug the adapter into the device B. Connect USB device to a USB port
Video Rating: 4/5

  1. welshdragon2008

    WOT I’m not ur idea about the fight against white musst.Ich only when use photos in Prem Pro, I put spaces around them, to render after I. Sometimes the spaces between the photos auch.Und sometimes my video to the right bewegt.Whats happening and how I can fix it I have no idea and I’ve ruined many a job with the program of the dam.

  2. njinwezen

    Dude, you just saved your ass from a set of videos 4×3!

  3. nessquik95

    OMG thank you very much! I’ve always wanted Windows Movie Maker, but a bit better with my Sims 3 videos, so I’m using Adobe Premiere and I could not find a place to change it as .. I was about to go up and thought I would come back and I am glad that I have to look 🙂 Thanks!

  4. LoMejorDeCruzAzul

    Ok, I need help, I have pictures whenever I can import to celebrate his big screen debut, what should I do, so the entire screen?

  5. BElliottScenes

    Jon great tutorial! Perfectly concise. Thank you. I’ve been trying to figure out the number of days.

  6. freebearride

    Oh, sorry I tried, mailboxes .. makes more sense: D

  7. aJBprods

    LOL. Mailboxes. As pillars that keep the buildings. Is the actual name of the 16×9 4×3 with black side bars. 🙂

  8. freebearride

    Peeler is the hole? Never heard that term before 🙂

  9. TakagiNaoSama

    Thanks for this tutorial!

  10. VideoRoom207

    Thanks Jon for the tutorials, which are really useful.

  11. Cinema1981

    great tutorial … Thank you!

  12. giorg0s

    great video thanks

  13. returntoyourfather

    Men also great, very good I like verry much your videos, I have qustion for you sir? SOM I can download software from the same family “Additive Dissolve” is my favorite becose Effeckt. I know the still existing (soft glow on the hood), with Premiere Pro CS4 “but my qustion is software that can get more of it,” Additive Dissolve “for free, or how to make a oround is there any way?

  14. aJBprods

    go for NTSC. I only use the PAL system, for I am in Australia and we are working in PAL. NTSC will work well. 🙂

  15. jiggajayb

    In the Philippines, and we use NTSC. If I go by the technology and continue with PAL, would not be consistent .. What is the theory behind the use of PAL in this technology? ¿I can take with NTSC DV?


    Great! It helped a lot! Thank you! =)

  17. conorUKtraining

    She, surprisingly, I was soooo close to breaking my computer because I could not figure out how to do it! Haha

  18. hangemhigh113

    I love you. You are the morning. 5 stars.

  19. selektajahmaica


  20. TSpike73

    Thanks, just what I needed … However, I have a little test with different settings did, so I can see how I’ll get by degrading images representing 0.8 MP camera HD video … There should be a little tune probobably slapped, but … hey Let’s see … Thanks again 😉

  21. airex12

    This does not apply if you edited the video?

  22. xmacx

    Boys! Where I can find out what Countdown to Premiere? These color bars with a long beep … usually played as an introduction …

  23. aJBprods

    There are several ways this could work. What are you exporting to? DVD, the Web? I learned this not track my messages in this room. Just coz he has lost about completing the comments. There is also a character limit here. – JB

  24. turboed99

    thanks for the video of Jon, I have a similar problem, I have images of 4:03 to 16:9 I want to do. To clarify what I said, I prefer a 4:3 or 16:9 to draft projects to import and convert 4:3 footage? I have to climb and reach the mailbox matte presentation on the project, change the PAR setting ever so well and how I can export? Thanks in advance

  25. cardinalvengen

    I must admit that in the same problem, but I can not seem to change the settings of many of the export options. Any advice?

  26. chisox4

    Thanks for saving my Acer! Super video help! Thank you!

  27. hefnerzoltan

    You are God! Thank you! Now it works fine again! YEAH! THX!

  28. xziggiez

    Nothing happened, and I do not know what I did wrong

  29. HawramiHamno

    This video in remembrance of me Cuz my laptop: ((2 years old now, but in the Home Run

  30. Shoti Shobe
    Shoti Shobe05-17-2012

    Thanks guru! 🙂

  31. ougnou10

    He is working with aspire1644?


    I have my fingers crossed for them. I just downloaded the BIOS for my laptop model, but I have to rename the files? Phlash16 I, flash32, and cw51313.bat cw51313.rom cw51313.wph. Please help!

  33. ScoobyDont100

    Thanks, helped to fix my wife’s netbook.

  34. richduper

    Thank you! I do not know what I do with my AOA150 little, I have several laptops and an iPad an Android phone, but now that his work, I’ll find a use for them. I will also fix a couple of DVD burner, the doors do not open properly. I have something I do not shot because it seemed to be determined. I saw your video and now I fix those and get to stay Thanks Ersatzteile.Nochmals like many of his excellent videos!

  35. richduper

    My A150 has been out collecting dust, no real use for it, so I decided to see how things were going with Netbuntu. I installed it on a USB stick and it went quite well. While playing around with it on the USB installation Netbuntu, frozen in the netbook. I took the disk and restarted, but has black screen problem. I thought it was dead war.Ich YouTube to your post while trying to figure out how to open the box, so I could salvage the parts. Proven method. SUCCESS!

  36. SuperSummersm

    this has to happen on netbooks from Acer

  37. kaizer11

    I have an Acer Aspire One D257 with the problem of black screen. I tried the instructions in the video, without success, my first guess that the BIOS are different for both models. So I downloaded the BIOS for Acer D257 Support unzipped and got two. Exe, and another called ZE6_115W.exe ZE6_115.exe. I tried all combinations of these executable files, and many USB devices, but my D257 does not recognize the USB device and nothing happens, I get a flashing LED forever. Who knows what to do?

  38. bangstn

    According to Acer’s technology, the problem could be a coffin. I would say it would be wiser to buy a new one, that age to get fixed.

  39. migzahoy

    Hi pls help me with my problem on my Acer netbook is good, but when it comes to the configuration screen is just black screen in XP help window

  40. LiveDj

    Hello, I have this problem with a Dell XPS M1330, can be solved or is the problem with the graphics card?

  41. blehhification

    Husband took me a while to do this because it’s not really seem to have in my file, but let me tell you, I have it … THANK YOU You are the guru

  42. deathglow123

    I can not understand some tutorial .. where I can THSI tutorial?

  43. csulav7

    The same thing happened to me …. Acer Aspire 5810T

  44. csulav7

    Thank u for the video, but does not work for me … FN and ESC key and then buttton power, but as I have been waiting for idle time as arrangements for the power LED flashes … shuts down and restarts … and again that is not recognized as a USB flash drive …. I mean, no flashing on the USB stick too .. plz help me: ((

  45. ibechilling

    I can do the same with a laptop Acer Aspire 5535th If so, how, please?

  46. tzuccolo2001

    Thank you very much low-end guru! You’re the greatest!

  47. cspower12

    It worked, thanks soo much. : D

  48. cspower12

    I will try now. Wish me luck.

  49. mr0xas

    Allready I update the BIOS on my Aspire 4551, but when I turn off before going to bed .. The next day, my laptop has a blank screen again .. help me

  50. GhostofTemujin

    My laptop only decides to terminate the Internet access only to their work, while Sprint is turning off my phone because I believe the gall to understand that “unlimited data” is something like IDK, unlimited data can have had? Silly me … bastards

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