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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 1, 2012

The experiential event marketing industry’s leading provider of technology solutions, eshots, last night received a coveted Gold Award Event Marketer magazine in magazines annual Ex Awards. The awards are selected Ex excellence in experiential marketing event, highlighting the best programs of the year from hundreds of submissions.

competition in the Best Website related event or category eshots website was honored along with business partners and Cadillac Jack Morton International, for his work in a successful experiential marketing event for the luxury automaker . The series of events aimed Cadillac considering significantly increased sales among participants in the event exceeded all expectations and measurable in generating actual sales to the program.?

Craig Steensma

eshots founder and president, said: We are very proud of the results obtained in the series of events aimed Cadillac. Through coordinated teamwork with Cadillac, Jack Morton, and our people, we have experiential marketing event to a level never seen before. The combination of intensive planning, impeccably executed first class events and advanced management results generated data that blew away even the highest expectations. This program demonstrates the effectiveness of experiential event marketing can be.

During the series of events were carefully reviewed and future owners of Cadillac invited to one of three types of exclusive events. The key to success was the development of an event microsites eshots integrated programs and implemented so that all aspects of a user experience can be tailored to your unique consumption profile over time. As a single point of data collection, management and analysis of Cadillac The microsite tied all aspects of the program including:

Pre – Invited by his act of choice on the site by printing a unique code consumer profile in the invitation, and then complete a short pre-sale event study considered signed.
Post-Registration – drove reminder emails invited back to the site for information about upcoming events, such as video messages from celebrities who were at the event.
Pre-event – On the day of the event, participants received pre-registered check-in kiosks, bypassing the lines and have a barcode ticket.
In event – Each participant was scanned passport at various points throughout the event, attendance tracking at various points during the event, including high-quality video and photo opportunities, as the car ride track sequences by participants in a event driving school.
Post-event – In minutes, your video or photo published on the site, participants received an email with a link to your media, accessible only after completing an account post-event survey income. All participant data was uploaded then Cadillacs CRM system for further marketing communications and tracking. Cadillac

directed series of events generates a significant rise in sales quantifiable consideration among event participants and generated sales of real cars to events linked above expectations. While the program collects data, analyzes and in the event microsite valuable information to help efficiently and effectively Cadillac to strengthen experiential event marketing, customer relations and sales.



As the experiential event marketing industry’s largest provider of lead management solutions, helps major brands and agencies eshots today to maximize your return on marketing investment. eshots is passionate about providing connecting relevant, high-impact technology solutions to help brands with more people, to capture more leads, event talking about social media, and forcing consumers to take place for act on timely and customized post-event communication. For an innovative technology partner you can trust, visit

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