Predator Style Invisibility


Predator Style Invisibility

This is my first attempt at the Predator Invisibility. This was an incredibly short test and only took about 10 minutes (about 7 or 8 to render and 2 to make), so there are a few animation flaws. And in case you were wondering, that is footage from Andrew Kramer’s Serious FX and Compositing DVD (It just had a greenscreen and it was the first thing I found, so I used it). For those of you who want to know how to do this: You need a shot of someone in front of a greenscreen. In aftereffects, create a comp of this footage and apply keylight or whatever keying plug in you use to it. Create a new comp with the same settings and put the first comp in it as well as your background image. Apply the “Displacment Filter” on the background and use your greenscreen comp as the matte. You can then hide the greenscreen comp and see the resulting distorted background. Fool around with the effect controls to fit your needs.

Learn how to use lighting in Maya and learn more about 3D modeling and animation software in this free instructional video. Expert: Matt Nichols Bio: Matt Nichols is a freelance web and graphic designer. He creates sites for high profile clients and is considered an expert at all things internet-related. Filmmaker: Matthew Mickelboro
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  1. lylboylive

    @7208844 Can I see it? I’m trying to recreate the Invisible Man (2000) effect where Darien Fawkes goes invisible with quicksilver..

  2. AJR3

    But in order to do it that way, you need a perfect non-moving background/plate.

  3. electro5


  4. chaOsMastaGuru

    Sam rocks.


    asome’¡¡i like,incredible,very good..what used cromakhey?¿

  6. jechrife

    Its adobe after effects From Philippines 🙂

  7. Raghav91

    awesome effect. dude, i need you to help me out. I have a couple of doublts about many other effedtcs. i’ll send you those videos, i’ll send them to you in a message.

  8. AJR3

    Alright, thanks for the advise.

  9. tryptychUK

    Try using CC Glass and step the mask

  10. AJR3

    For some reason or another, I had some of Andrew’s footage, and since it was pretty good quality and was a greenscreen, I used it lol.

  11. AJR3

    You are very welcome GeorgianPride.

  12. AJR3

    ??? Link?

    The video description is on this page. It is in the box next to the video itself. It says “This is my first attempt at the Preda…(more)”. Click the blue word (more) and the rest of the description will be shown… Actually, since you don’t appear to be using the english site, it says (meer) instead of (more).

  13. AJR3

    I used a displacement filter on the background using the footage of the guy as the distortion. (the full “tutorial” is in the video description).

  14. 3timesinarow


  15. roxonogueira

    I guess my question is: how do I set all the area outside a spotlight as black in an alpha…so that I can animate and have in an alpha the objects that are iluminated by that spotlight?

  16. roxonogueira

    yeah! kind of…but with the car missing…and the plane always there… imagine I pass the light trough the car…when the light leaves…the car begins to fade…whith the material transparency! eheh some challenge for a begginer like me

  17. hoze187

    i think i know what you want, say you have a car and a ground plane and want just the car and shadows but not the ground, in your basic materials, is the last one i believe its called surface shader, it looks like a O just use that for the plane

  18. roxonogueira

    yeah! what I really wanted to do was make objects dissapear…and my doubt was how to change the light attribute…but i think the utility node reverse with surface luminance node can resolve…I wanted to make objects dissappear interactively…and the att visibility is Boolean…only on and off…so I’ll use material transparency with a driving node off a spotlight!! hope that made sense 🙂

  19. hoze187

    if your talking about when your render view come ups instead of black you want it white?

    yeah all you have to do is perspective (or any other view) go to view-select camera, cntrl A to bring up the attribute editor and go down to eviroment and change you color

  20. roxonogueira

    hey! do you know how to change the black color of the area outside of the spotlight? I really wanted to have white instead of black…

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