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RestaurantChains.net, a leading provider of sales leads for the foodservice industry, announced today the restaurant locator unit an interactive portal, sales, marketing and professional real roots with precise information on the location of the major restaurant chains. The list, which covers the first 800 restaurant chains like McDonald’s U.S. and Canadian gives industry leaders, Burger King, Starbucks, Outback, Chipotle, Taco Bell, KFC, and Panera meticulous geographic information on more than 200,000 units. All locations are with length, width and Direct Marketing Area (DMA) geo-coded.


restaurant locator unit RestaurantChains.net worked closely with Dunbar & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in the food industry. The directory combines data from restaurant chains. Net proprietary databases and other created and developed for over a decade. It also has sophisticated mapping capabilities, developing innovative research methods and sophisticated algorithms to ensure that the directory containing the current and accurate data is supplied. Joe Dunbar, founder and director of Dunbar & Associates, says: How long Restaurantchains.net client, I always seen to major chains open stores in new industrial parks, but I had trouble figuring out where the shops were actually. Now that information is accurately represented and organized by zone.

with simple, intuitive tools and an easy to use, requires no training directory and produces customized results in seconds. Users simply select the attributes you want to search, then create a daily monitoring report on a table or in downloadable map. Search criteria are zip code, county, and state, area, volume average meal periods, kitchen concept name (s) and other key attributes.

Until now, if you want more details about the location of the unit-restaurant which had a data provider, a software tool, and an in-house IT professional, says Keith Gellman, president and CEO of RestaurantChains. net. obtained with the locator unit restaurants offering a user-friendly solution for a fraction of the cost and effort to ease completely. Users can log the parameters, then download the results and see on a map. It’s that simple.

to facilitate the addition to the use and scope of coverage, the unit clearly affordable restaurant locator. A flexible pricing model helps users to comply with searches to their homes with billing based on specific usage patterns.

For more information or a free demonstration Restaurant Unit Locator Contact Keith Gellman Keith (a) food service reports (dot) com.



RestaurantChains.net directory was launched in 2004 and currently has more than 4,300 multi-unit restaurant company provides contact details of the office and company name attributes in more than 100 different criteria. Foodservicereport.com, a sister publication is a database covering more than 750,000 restaurants in the United States. Subscribers can receive regular reports on new openings or predefined lists based on carefully selected criteria, such as kitchen, type, style or geographic region.

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