popVideo Converter two. Preview (for iClone)


popVideo Converter 2.0 Preview (for iClone)

www.reallusion.com Reallusion popVideo Converter turns any green screen footage video or image sequence into a video with transparent background (popVideo). True human, pets, comics, or animation all can grow to be an impressive virtual host for your company.
Video Rating: four / five

  1. xxxrandomjamezxxx

    Hey nice video u should check my channel out 🙂

  2. alexmcginness

    Hopefully people with cameras that produce 1920 X1080 MTS AVCHD footage will be able to get POP Video converter to see these files one day as the potential for this is amazing.

  3. orcses1

    very amazing – been looking for this ability for a couple of years now. fantastic! taking the technology to the people.

  4. TheMythicalDragon


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