Place McCormack Baron Salazar’s Renaissance in the neighborhood of Great acquires Green Building Certification


Saint Louis, MO (PRWEB) June 10, 2010

Place McCormack Baron Salazar’s Renaissance in the neighborhood of Grand recently was certified LEED in the U.S. Green Building Council for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) pilot program.

Renaissance Place

This award is the first LEED-ND Certified site in Missouri and the largest of the six completed LEED-ND certified sites worldwide to date. Renaissance Place at Grand is the latest demonstration of the commitment of McCormack Baron Salazar as the major nations nonprofit developer of green, mixed-income, urban communities.

USGBC-St. Louis Regional Chapter is delighted that we have one of the first LEED-ND certified complete cities in the country here in our garden. McCormack Baron Salazar and leadership St. Louis Housing Authority contribute to St. Louis on the map in terms of our sustainability efforts, said Emily Andrews, Executive Director of USGBC St. Louis Regional Chapter.

LEED-ND Rating System integrates the principles of smart growth, urbanism and green building into the system the first national certification, independent verification, third states that adopted a development location and design meet high environmentally sustainable development. LEED-ND is collaboration between USGBC, the Congress for the New Urbanism and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Renaissance Place at Grand is a 512-unit, 33-acre, mixed-income, mixed-use community and multi-generational revitalized the former Blumeyer Public Housing Complex. Completed in 2008, was the development of a partnership between MBS, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, St. Louis Housing Authority and Tenants Association Blumeyer Village. The neighborhood is San immediately northeast district of Great Arts Center in the city of Louisville, and includes one to five bedrooms and townhouses, seniors and handicapped accessible units, a full-service community center, and a range of amenities local. The district includes not only certified residential community, but also the largest park and green Chambers newly-built headquarters of the Housing Authority of St. Louis, developed with McCormack Baron Salazar in 2009.

Cheryl Lovell, executive director of the Housing Authority of St. Louis, recognizes the joint efforts of BVTA, MBS, Kai, HUD and the city of St. Louis in the HOPE VI Blumeyer the LEED-ND, irrespective . The remarkable transformation of the area was our decision to locate our new headquarters in the area.

Place Renaissance

received LEED-ND excellent scores in the areas of smart location and linkage and Neighborhood Pattern and Design increases its connections with facilities across communitya variety of shops, cultural institutions, schools and leisure facilities available within optionsall one? Thousands of lines of traffic on foot or by metro. Renaissance Place also met its green construction and technology goals through environmentally sensitive construction techniques and ensuring that brownfield contamination, storm water runoff and pollution from construction activities were significantly reduced or disappeared completely. The website also offers ecological disturbances by water and wastewater infrastructure, restoration of the historic street grid and with a dense design, minimize land use helps prevent unnecessary.

This recognition would be without the great interest of the Housing Authority of St. Louis, the teams try not elaborate supports sustainability and green goals possible. From the beginning, we encouraged participation and input from interested parties to assist our employees in the execution, which was important to achieve this unique distinction, said Vince Bennett, Chief Operating Officer of McCormack Baron Salazar.

property with almost 100 percent occupancy residential work and is professionally managed by McCormack Baron Ragan Property Management. Support for families of strategies nonprofit partners McCormack Baron urban and Blumeyer Village Tenant Management Association provides.

McCormack Baron Salazar recently

development of one of the six LEED Platinum-certified schools in the United States (Crossroads School, St. Louis, MO) finished, and is on track to three high performance, complete communities Green Company in St. Louis, Memphis and Miami.

About McCormack Baron Salazar

( is a nationally recognized leader of affordable urban transport development. Since its founding in 1973, the company has 15,260 affordable housing units and 1.2 million in retail / commercial square meters developed in 33 urban markets totaling more than $ 2.1 million investment in development. The mission of the company is in the neighborhoods of central cities of the United States that have deteriorated through decades of neglect and disinvestment reconstruction. McCormack Baron Salazar headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, with offices in Los Angeles and Memphis.

About the St. Louis Housing Authority ( (SLHA) a municipal utility is state law, formed in 1939 created. SLHA and fully funded by U.S. federal sources Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), has approximately 90 employees and an annual budget of about $ 60 million. The agency serves about 23,000 customers and partners, including public housing residents and ยง 8 participants. SLHAs mission is to efficiently build and maintain desirable to treat affordable housing for residents of the St. Louis area through forthright leadership, innovative companies, advanced technology and the development of new resources and improve the quality of life of its employees, residents, and the community by providing employment opportunities, education, training and professional and ethical service.

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