Photoshop Tutorial: Only a single color in a image! HD


In this tutorial we will learn to use a single color in an image in Photoshop CS3. Be sure to subscribe because it will be a new tutorial every week. Follow me on Twitter @ RiverCityGraphx How to find us on Facebook: Suggest tutorials in the project files, support forums, and much more please visit http for business inquiries please contact us at rivercitygraphix @ yahoo. com
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Another first and most talked about features is used in Section 1.1! Special thanks to Dane Curley – gamertag for letting me use his song. of the

  1. Bronwyn031

    @ UnicycleFilms, yes, the process more efficient and faster than the method of teaching. What the magic wand and deselect the selection of … I simply select all ties into the Rose and select “Add to Selection” box in the upper left of the PS. Similarly, I had only a selection box at the bottom of the screen and select “Remove selection” box, instead of using the Magic Wand tool.

  2. sargecage

    You need to lower the tolerance to 15 or 20, then you will be able to select only what you want πŸ™‚

  3. Rootwitch06

    No kidding. Significant loss of time with the magic wand to get these little pieces.

  4. fagerstrandaren

    What if the magic wand select more than what you wanted? Someone selected the picture: S

  5. mattrix243

    So u want me to explain?

  6. deadsmile06


  7. Halaryoos


  8. Emiljus

    probs, but I think this is just a specific method reallllllllllly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. pzrplam

    thankk you soo much

  10. raymoralesjr

    well done. said simply, well …

  11. Anihihi

    Thanks to all of ’em Tuts so nice and easy and well explained xD

  12. EndangeredXXX

    Nice! Thank you!

  13. Popi905

    so nice tutorial thx =)

  14. UnicycleFilms

    You can not hide the rose then make a new layer then change the image to black and white?

  15. mattrix243

    Use the Quick Selection tool .. much faster!

  16. 3eneboy

    I do not like the Magic Wand tool, Dunt see the point in that … indeed, instead of small pieces that could only use the normal tools of the trade?

  17. skeie123

    Tutt nice: D

  18. Giannie16

    Thanks I had a website and need time to do this for a picture! mutch thank you very much!

  19. Rawesyn

    Why so many people use the magic wand? Should be more careful, since not always come in this esay an image.

  20. EBmaxtor

    a very good tutorial: D

  21. sickasianbetch

    THANKS [:

  22. hrag500

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  23. LilRed2Head

    Please Phtoshop as a computer store like Best Buy or something. My parents have it safe for me, but where it really was.

  24. hrcanejane

    I love this effect! Thanks for teaching me how!

  25. l1keastarrxx

    With the great help!

  26. Kitty369121

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  27. THEGOOD360

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