Photoshop Mama’s #6 Green Screen Extraction Instance 1


Keep up with what’s new by liking my FB Fan page here: Get my Photoshop Actions & Photoshop Videos at PHOTOS by Nora Canfield at Subscribe to your choice of one or several of Mama’s Playlists here IMPORTANT INFO HERE! We do a lot of artists the request that chroma key background, I think because they import into video software that has chroma key features. With that being said, if you are just doing photo work, you will avoid many extra steps if you shoot subject on a Light Gray Seamless Background. Keeping it neutral will eliminate the color cast spillover into the subject area. Green Screen Series Video #6 This video shows how to use various techniques to composite and blend the Example #1 Green Screen extraction image into a different photo, changing day to night. See #1 in this series here: See #2 in this series here: See #3 in this series here: See #4 in this series here: See #5 in this series here: See #7 in this series here: See #8 in this series here: See #9 in this series here: See #10 in this series here: You can download these demo images but please read and adhere to the copyright message in the popup box before clicking OK! KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS: Shrink/Enlarge Brush– Left/Right Bracket Keys [ ] Default Colors–Press

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  2. photoshopmama

    Drag with the move tool or Select All, Edit Copy your extracted layer into the new background document and then Edit Paste it (if you used that method) then Edit Transform the extracted subject layer to desired size.Make sure the extracted subject layer is above the small object layer.

  3. sunil144115feb

    yaeh really great i would hav too given u stars but i cant reach them
    but anyways you’re supercool

  4. elliottwalsh

    nice stuff.

  5. MrEVRamana

    mama thank you verymuch

  6. xvzw

    Great Job! 5 STARS!
    If there were more stars I would give you!!

  7. DatanBasen

    You just keep getting better and better. These tutorials are teaching an longtime user many useful tips. Thank goodness. Work is so slow these days that bettering your skill set is one of the tried and true means of insuring happy clients!!!

    Thanks Mama!!!

  8. RASHcash452


  9. h3r321

    Thank you for the tutorial, I luv da way you work. You’re great… 5* from me 😀
    Alex, Romania

  10. photoshopmama

    Thanks so much for the encouragement, support, and nice comments. It’s nice to know you’re learning something.

  11. LordVall1

    Hhheeyyy Mama,
    Just ANOTHER Great video, Thank You So Much for your time and sharing. I too watch your videos with a pen & notepad which lives next 2 my computer :-), and you have never made a video that was too long in my opinion, hell, I watch & at the “fin”, I’m looking for whats next.
    keep doing what you do so well 🙂

    Val aka Cortez from Detroit

  12. JiarKurd

    Hello Mama,
    your tutorial video are great, and i like all of them, well done.

  13. LongBeach2SanDiego

    this video was very informative. i’ma have to start taking notes; literally. thank you for taking the time to teach us ill-informed peoples on the ways of photoshop.

  14. jessmjfan989

    that guy on the pic its awesomely cute!!

  15. Octajuan

    Hello mama!
    good videos
    but are so long 🙁

  16. photoshopmama

    I appreciate every comment, subscription and rating and being favorited, although my stats on that aren’t as good as they should be for the amount of views some of my vids get.

  17. photoshopmama

    I also want to expound upon a very good point you brought up about content authors not getting paid here on YouTube. So the ways others can encourage us to continue is to do ALL of the following, Subscribe to the Channel, Comment, Rate 5 stars, Add to Favorites, Share, Add to Playlists and subscribe to Playlists. If an author takes time to produce something for you to learn from and you learn even one thing…the least anyone can do is rate or comment with a thank you.

  18. photoshopmama

    I also referred to the pivot reference point inside of the Transformation bounding box as a target because a lot of folks tend to go for that pivot point as a target to click/drag move the box…but it only moves the pivot reference point.

  19. photoshopmama

    I’ll work up to an exercise on this in this series at some point. Right now I’m focusing on one subject and different background images and things you can do there. Thanks!

  20. photoshopmama

    I was showing a menu command rather than dragging, watch it again.

  21. platypus03

    Oh ok, i was referring to the document you suddely dragged in the screen. Maybe i didn’t paid enough attention at the moment. I don’t really have questions about that, i’m more curious why it suddenly popped in. 😉

  22. photoshopmama

    I don’t know who you’re talking about but none of us actually get paid 4 doing this so if he has to space them out because he has to earn a living doing his job, be compassionate about that. It’s been a couple of months since I posted any new stuff for that very reason. We have to support our families and prioritize our time accordingly. Don’t stop watching him…support & appreciate him more so he will be inspired. All we have is that…without appreciation…I would be less likely to do this.

  23. photoshopmama

    I was just referring to one of the two images for compositing; one is the target being brought into the destination image. I’ve got more coming in this series so other ways of blending will be shown. Also, you DON’T necessarily need a GREEN backdrop, any solid color will do. White and black work as well but the only problem with those is its a bit bit more work because subject highlights and shadows on edges of subject can blend too closely to the bkgrd. Non-flesh and non-hair colors work best.

  24. shockerROB

    Inspiring! I love your non-destructive techniques.

  25. megaparvin

    thats easy man, import one image then another on top as another layer then just change the opacity of the layer to bring the image underneth threw 🙂 easy lol xD

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