Photoshop Mama’s #10 City Skyline Mask


Keep up with what’s new by liking my FB Fan page here: Get my Photoshop Actions & Photoshop Videos at PHOTOS by Nora Canfield at Download image files from this page– http Subscribe to your choice of one or several of Mama’s Playlists here: IMPORTANT INFO HERE! We do a lot of artists the request the chroma key background, I think because they import into video software that has chroma key features. With that being said, if you are just doing photo work, you will avoid many extra steps if you shoot subject on a Light Gray Seamless Background. Keeping it neutral will eliminate the color cast spillover into the subject area. Green Screen Series #9 Using Image Calculations to create a mask. You can never know too many ways to create a good selection/mask! Here’s another! I know it’s LONG and I could have cut much of it out–but for Beginners I think it’s helpful to be able to watch the process. I apologize in advance to the more advanced users who will more than likely get very bored with this. See #1 in this series here: See #2 in this series here: See #3 in this series here: See #4 in this series here: See #5 in this series here: See #6 in this series here: See #7 in this series here: See #8 in this series here: See #10 in this series here: You can
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Alles über: Alphamasken / Effekt-Masken ─ MAGIX Video Deluxe MX (17, 16) Tutorial

In diesem Video werden euch 3 Tutorials zum Thema Alphamasken bzw. Effekt-Masken vorgestellt. Ein Grundlagentutorial zum (grundlegenen) Verständnis, ein weiterführendes Tutorial und das Making of des kurzen Clips hier.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. fetthunderdome

    i have to admit that the overlay mode for the brush to select, is a very smart trick

  2. elliottwalsh

    good stuff in this vid.

  3. photoshopmama

    Yes I live in Nashville. How are you doing? Did you and your friends and family survive our terrible flood? Hope all is well with you!

  4. photoshopmama

    Right under the video to the right is a button with 2 arrows, looks like a sergeant’s patch. Click that and you’ll see more text info about the video and links to the other videos in this series. YouTube has changed it’s interface after this was uploaded so the interface panels access have been changed.

  5. photoshopmama

    Hi June, Sorry about that. The image page link was posted in the earlier numbers in the series. I’ll repost it in the More info area here and send you a personal message with the link since you can’t post links in this comments section.

  6. GhostOfACPast

    Oh, nice, you have the batman building (as we locals call it) for this tutorial (used to be the Bellsouth telephone company building).

  7. photoshopmama

    Press the function F5 key. It’s working, click on the name of the link not the picture and it downloads a zip file to your desktop or temp files.Try again!

  8. photoshopmama

    Try it now, refresh browser and oops you were right, Mama forgot to upload it! Thanks!

  9. photoshopmama

    Click on them? They’re in the side panel on the right (just expand it)

  10. photoshopmama

    The consecutive links are listed in the More Info panel on the right, but I’ll see if I can change the titles to include a number.

  11. ChiOne07

    REALLY great video. But, can you number the ones the are continuations of another video?

  12. furfur001

    Wow, I have seen lots of Photoshop tutorials and this one is quite unique in his quality and thematic. Thank you.

  13. radfer78

    thank you.. its a usefull video to me as beginner.

  14. breakdance74

    hey mama
    im getting a wacom tablet for my b’day in a few days
    uve inspired me to 😀

  15. LaddSmith

    how awesome! are you guys in Nashville too?

    I’ve really been enjoying your videos Mama!

  16. Jhadain

    Thank you ^^

  17. PhotoshopDad

    <3 hmmmmm..

  18. photoshopmama

    …..and adding them to your Favorites!

  19. photoshopmama

    Thank you all for commenting and rating my videos. I appreciate it so much.

  20. photoshopmama

    Thanks Dad….hmmmm!

  21. PhotoshopDad

    welcome back .. 🙂
    hmmmm .. thanx ..

  22. photoshopmama

    Look again at 15:57 minutes for a visual of how this works and affects pixels.

  23. photoshopmama

    It should, make sure the top options bar says Overlay instead of Normal. It’s a back and forth process switching to white overlay to paint areas that should be white and black overlay to paint areas that should be black. Both attack Gray pixels only. If the area that needs to be covered is pure white or black switch back to Normal Mode and paint carefully.

  24. Jhadain

    you know how you use overlay with a black to brush so it dosen’t cover the white? When I try that it dosen’t work and my flow and opacity is put to 100%. If you could help me that would be great ^^

  25. TheLyricsLP

    wie hast du das mit den gesicht gemacht

  26. DerVideosaurusRex

    Sehr gut = )!

  27. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    Dauert noch etwas sry :-/

  28. Sayjustnothing

    Wann kommt das mit den Bewegungen? Wäre dir echt dankbar, wenn du das mal darstellen könntest ^^

  29. anewone4

    Schade, aber lass dir lieber Zeit. Dann wirds auch so gut wie deine anderen Videos 😉

  30. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    Das kann ich dir leider nicht garantieren, habe momentan schulisch echt viel zu tun :-/

  31. anewone4

    Ich freu mich schon richtig auf die weiteren Möglichkeiten. Ich hoffe die kommen noch diese Woche?

  32. TheCloutEntertain

    Geile, lustige und schöne sache das mit dem gesicht 🙂
    schönes ding

  33. MrNoName38925

    Na dann immer her damit! XD

  34. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    Wie schon im Video am Ende gezeigt, kommen zu dem Thema in nächster Zeit insgesamt 3 Tutorials, wo du das aller erfährst ^^

  35. MrNoName38925

    Mach nicht nur werbung sonder zeig wie’s geht! Nicht immer nur ankündigen!!:-G

  36. KeinHollandPro

    Klasse Video
    Klasse Musik
    Mehr davon ;)

  37. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    Jap, sowas meinte ich mit “2 ca. 30-sekündige Tracks” ^^
    Ist in Cubase mit dem East West symphonc orchestra (Gold) erstellt worden 🙂

  38. SlimOntario2033

    die anis und musik waren 1 a

  39. 95JAN59

    hast du die musik selber gemacht?

  40. brick72

    Schliesse mich meinem Vorredner an – da bin ich auch gespannt!!!

  41. TospieMixed

    Da bin ich ja mal gespannt.

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