Photoshop Components Magic Extractor Tutorial – Removing Items


more ideas like these in – A small tutorial that shows how to extract any element from any image in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Remove item from photo with Photoshop Components. Created by Bill Myers A lot more videos and far more info like this on my website at http

  1. guerillabill

    Yes, that’s the same with Photoshop Elements. Element 10 and has some very interesting new features and guided editing.

  2. happygarden1001

    Is the same for the elements 10? I want to learn to draw a picture and then mix. Thank you.

  3. kiki1965

    Great video … I’m hangin ‘with you a little. I have to learn a lil ‘more. Thank you!

  4. QbeesQuest

    Thank you! That’s exactly what I needed to know.

  5. sunshinedw

    Great video! Thank you!

  6. guerillabill

    If you paste the selection marked on top of another image, then select the Move tool, and make sure ‘Show Bounding Box’ from the menu below the top toolbar and above the image. If the box is checked demo limit, you will be able to move, scale, and the inserted picture.

  7. LilyNy111

    Vide fantastic, I had to sit through a lot here to learn how to do this right next to you, lessons! Just one question, I have all the steps and now have the “Al Gore” in the second image, but can not move or relocate the size, try to put a border around to pull the corners, but wouldn t ‘Let me do that . Please report Thanks!

  8. OldMrBoston1949

    Super … I’ve tried to do thios for months! The formation of large THANK YOU!

  9. guerillabill

    The Magic Extractor tools in Photoshop Elements. In Photoshop CS, which is under the “Filter”, and is called “removing the filter ‘

  10. mrDJstoon

    I used Adobe Photoshop cs5.1 but I can not find the Magic Extractor

  11. shackleberry

    Now this is a tutorial! Rarely, it is not! Someone who can! MIUCH thank you very much!

  12. 1created1

    Did u have to use to Al Gore? Geesh!

  13. Sturgeon3736

    Oh, thank God! I’m struggling with this! THANKS! Now my box is floating in space!

  14. DigidesignScrap

    very good information, thanks

  15. duramaxjad4

    You can also draw a picture of the Quick Selection tool, then copy and paste it where you want to use ….. I find the Quick Selection tool is much easier, faster and makes more of the clean lines of magic extractor ..

  16. ussprinceton2004

    What features or tools, etc., do not have to Photoshop CS5 Photoshop Elements 9 not?

  17. guerillabill

    It may be perfect, by investing a little more time with magic extractor, as I did in this short video

  18. pamperedpotato

    very well, but the interface is crude, it’s something you use, can be perfect?

  19. Pnerissa

    THANKS! I spent almost two hours last night ruined my brain trying to figure this out.

  20. Jadamo

    Sounds simple, but it would be a first cut, unless I went out and just use the Selection Brush tool.

  21. backdraft999

    Nice tutorial! Has anyone ever say that sounds a bit like Al Gore?

  22. islamiaarabia

    Impressive. Adobe Photoshop is pretty simple, though.

  23. ReallyLostProduction

    I like your clear, to the point walkthroughs Act! Before you, I have dealt with an issue of it that was 9 minutes! It saves me a long time.

  24. largefilipino

    This helped me tremendously. Element is all you need. THANKS!

  25. largefilipino

    Oh my God I’m Photoshopping.Dies is the great guide of all time! THANK YOU!

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