Photography tutorial: The use of a light box

25 – A brief guide looks various from the light box. Find out how to develop a range of portrait lighting. Video Rating: 4/5

  1. LourceyPhotography

    This is a difficult question to answer. I’m using a 1000 W Novatron Box with 4 heads and was not always sufficient for my needs. If you try to light a large ballroom or church, more power could be useful. To regulate the subject matter, it does not take a Tonne.Ich I suggest you find a local dealer and buy from them – instead of looking for the best price found. It may cost a little more, but it’s worth having someone to guide you through the process. Good luck!

  2. SuperMangn

    How many watts are needed? I have a kit that includes two light boxes, each of the 1000W quartz lights and think it has been called. Are the colors of any good or is powerful enough, and that in light of quartz?

  3. LourceyPhotography

    Mine has a silver lining. A white interior is probably a bit softer quality of light, but a slightly lower level of production. Not a big difference either way.

  4. LourceyPhotography

    Well, I think both “light formers” are – so in that sense are similar. The idea takes off the light and try to influence the quality of it (hard versus soft light and light).

  5. PrettyTattiiex3

    Hello, I wonder, a light box and a kind of omni-bounce is like the same thing? Importance, the result is the same with either product?

  6. LourceyPhotography

    Thanks for the comment yes I probably should have added some pictures. Thanks for the suggestion – I tried to work in the near future.

  7. trinhk

    Nice tutorial. Would have been nice to show some test shots with the result.

  8. UAEWings1

    Thank informational video

  9. ErwinListSanchez

    Their videos Rock.K├Ânnen us a tutorial on the smallest size needed to light an entire body? Silver or white interior, where the light box is bigger, doing a better light there? Thanks

  10. pinkiebella

    In his answer now to see! There is still used by you tube .. lol Thanks

  11. LourceyPhotography

    Thanks for the kind words! More videos on the way – so stay tuned!

  12. LourceyPhotography

    Clear. If there can get a good light, which is also great for green screen.

  13. pinkiebella

    Keep the videos coming from the fantastic to describe it! the pleasure of reading my thoughts, I have many questions and your site has all my answers :-))

  14. LourceyPhotography

    Sure, but you could still light the background with a separate light for the correct values

  15. petenicezz

    I can light box on a subject, while in a green screen

  16. yoloop93

    Do not consume more energy than fluorescent bulbs? And so the light is better for macro such, I do not want to buy a flash

  17. LourceyPhotography

    Thanks Marcin, we will definitely have something with the images of future tutorials. I was just trying to get the concept of it – with modeling. I will definitely consider for future home!

  18. marcin97

    talk show and is good, but the images are a must. I hope to show concrete examples next time for a complete tutorial.

  19. daddytech

    wow! Actually, I thought my 2 36 “things were pretty good size surprised, or sometimes too big for itself only in the size of this thing.

  20. LourceyPhotography

    The light box was my Larson. It is 3×4 meters. You can actually do that is 6 feet! If you can find the budget for it, you’ll love the results!

  21. LourceyPhotography

    There are no photos of that – you can see the light in the face of the modeling lights. I just wanted to show how changes in the locomotion of the light box to light in the face. Try it and see how it works. I think you’ll like it!


    QuickStart, but where are the pictures?

  23. tlkaska

    I just received my first box of light reached at the right time. Thank you!

  24. MarcioASCosta

    Very useful tutorial, thanks.

  25. daddytech

    This is a huge light box, not me, who have been seen as almost nowhere so great. is that something you did or is it professional equipment? I usually use my light boxes together, but try for something better to light the backdrop of today are. You can see the LED lights, but because so much brighter and a little more difficult than I have are light and you can find a diffusible, to put it in. Just because of concerns with the power LED.

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