Photography lighting techniques

7 High essential lighting exaplained. A lot more at:
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  1. thestrobesipswich

    if its possible directly behind the subject, but if it is not completely obscured you’ll end up with lens flare. So so from one side with the light preferably with barn doors to stop the light from leaking onto the subject. Should do the trick.

  2. kingskid96

    YOu guys are great. Thanks and great modeling danielle! These videos are simple to understand and very thorough.

  3. d1eynon

    Very helpful!

  4. theroden


  5. nobsphotosuccess

    Sound aint that great. What can I say. It’s about the content. One light? Try to spread it out evenly from one side, the fill side, or better yet, get it higherm above the subject, shooting down and back towards the drop…

  6. Gissur33

    One thing I do know…your videographer is using a cheap audio technica wireless mic!

  7. jerbee02

    Exactly what I’ve been looking for! Just out of curiosity, where would you place the flash if you only had 1 light for the background? (1 key, 1 fill, and 1 background).

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