Photo Montage: Slideshow plugin tutorial for Final Cut Pro, Motion and AE

20 Develop image slideshows directly inside Final Cut, Motion and AE with ease. The principle behind Photo Montage is basic: pick an animation style and a handful of of your images, and let the plugin do the rest. FxFactory powers hundreds Final Cut, Motion and Right after Effects plugins:
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  1. PhilFeedback

    This was very helpful, thanks for posting

  2. niclasbahn

    No tutorials in other host applications. Try making the photos use in the slideshow smaller. No need to have 8K pictures if you are working in a 720P sequence for example. 200 pictures indeed is a large project, it will take a lot no matter what.

  3. fujivisuals

    So I created a 20 minute long montage containing roughly 200 pictures. I sent the sequence to compressor, used a DVD preset and let it go……it took 46 HOURS. Is something wrong?

    Tried seeing if maybe it would be faster in AE, but couldn’t figure it out. Same for Motion. No tutorials available for those programs?

  4. niclasbahn

    not yet.. in the works

  5. unprofessionalvids

    does this work with FCPX?

  6. Babetorire

    Hi, great stuff but I have a problem. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I’ve done “everything” exactly like in the video. But when I drag the video from the viewer to the timeline, I get the default pictures. I already chose mine, and still I see the default pics in the timeline. What am I missing?? THANKS!

  7. MurielleWeston

    thanks! this is what I stared to do, so will carry on…

  8. niclasbahn

    you can have multiple different transitions, if you create multiple different instances of the plugin on your timeline.

  9. niclasbahn

    just create multiple instances of the plugin on your timeline.. each with the transition that you want.

  10. MurielleWeston

    is it possible to have different transitions within the same photo montage?

  11. MurielleWeston

    can you mix transitions within 1 slideshow?

  12. noiseindustriesllc

    you will have to extend the length of the generator in Final Cut. I can’t add links to youtube comments, but I am sure you can find out how to do this by googling and or looking at the Final Cut manual.

  13. timebandit182

    one quick question…. i am using photomontage and when i add my photos (aprox. 90 photos) it doesn’t include all of them when i watch them in the time line. i don’t know why? i change the photos duration and the transition but i just don’t know why it doesn’t include all of the picture. Can you help me?

    thank you.

  14. lsdgod

    Yo, I’m the master of woosh.

  15. AttackingToms


  16. noiseindustriesllc

    @naoufalcr7 thx 🙂

  17. noiseindustriesllc

    Yes, but you will have to use the whoosh transition, which comes as part of FxFactory Pro.

  18. keebler69

    very, very cool. is it possible to see the overall duration for all the photos you’ve selected?

  19. KyleScottTekiela

    Looks great but can you add transitions to clips (Video or Photos) on your timeline instead of generating them? For example, I love the whoosh effect and use the native “Push” effect in FCP often to transition between video clips. Can i drag and drop the “Whoosh” in between clips?

  20. jordfan


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