Photo booth update with DJ Mikey Mike Green Screen entertaining LOL


Photo booth update Just messing aroung with my Green Screen just a green frabric in the background MM
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  1. Jordan Gross
    Jordan Gross08-05-2012

  2. Jordan Gross
    Jordan Gross08-05-2012

    I actually used vinyl fencing and put wood fascia boards on it.

  3. directsound

    @Candygirl7 weddingphotolounge. dott com/packages_page.htm

  4. Candygirl73

    I’m putting a photo booth together to add to my photography services. I was wondering what are all of your price rates for photo booths? Trying to figure out a decent yet money making price to start with.

  5. BirdOfParadise777

    Couldn’t find “weddingphotostand . c..”?

  6. djjunior9272

    hey MM how is the photo booth working out. If i can ask a q. how much do you charge for something like this per night.

  7. decoloreslighting

    Great video Mike. been watching the hole playlist. I agree with you, the thermal die sub is the best way to go on the printer. Dont want to give people crap pictures. The memories are going to be around for a long time, so should the pictures.

    I am getting busy building mine asap, can’t wait to get it going. Got email in to PartyBooths to see about buying the software.

  8. cwbunker

    Hi Mike, Im looking at doing this over hear in England, apears the sony up cx1 printer is no longer available over hear, any advise on other good printers of this type and size, thanks

  9. NewAgeDirector

    Great video keep up the good work.

  10. directsound

    ook at the White chauvet LED bars also it depends on what size paper you get for the amount of prints I think the 4×6 is around that as I dont think I knew much about it at the time sorry

  11. kaseyahumada

    suggestions anyone? what type of panels lightweight panes should i use for the photo booth? where can i get it?

    just and FYI. the sony upcx1, you stated it the kit comes with 600 prints. the kits I’ve seen only come with 300 print. each roll of paper and ink ribbon have 150 prints (two come in a box)
    thanks for the info and your time

  12. MrDomnuvaly

    I nevver …hm..THAT IT’s a great ideea > photo booth.One more target for me ….EUROPEAN GUY

  13. cbokros

    Can you create s second video if you are going to talk about a printer or put it at the end. It took too long to get to the green screen topic

  14. costello345

    how much do you usually charge your customers for the photo booth or for each print . I am thinking on building one after watching your videos and would appreciate your help since i have no idea what to charge. Thanks

  15. MTMStudios202

    if you get a mac phooto booth comes with it

  16. brian185

    I can’t figure out Breeze either. Ended up with Photoboof and love it

  17. brian185

    Thanks for sharing. Great stuff!

  18. stewardsproductions

    Nice very nice

  19. yourdreamwedding

    not sure yet

  20. YourEternalDJ

    What type of light source works best? Fluorescent?

  21. YourEternalDJ

    I tried the built in 1.3MP camera….and was not happy with results. So I bought a 8MP webcam made by microsoft. It is the Livecam Show. Looks much better.

  22. skiing54

    Another thing to look into is a laser printer. I know that one company that i have worked with use a laser printer that works like a ticket printer at the movies. It is more expenive but it prints that fast and it looks incredible. CHECK IT OUT MIKE!
    Thanks for all the vids
    DJ Brian B.

  23. DJFerrisFollo

    Very informative and thurough as always Mike, thanx for posting and taking the time to have us come along for the ride on this project!

  24. aaronSPSS

    i luv the sound ofyour booth MM
    im maybee thinkin about something built with trussing and metal plating on the outside, uplit inside the trus and covered with material . couldlook pretty sweet . cant quite move on to making it just now though. not got enough capital

  25. DJCob1

    Great ideas. Might give it ago myself. You could add uplighting to the booth. DJCob1

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