Photo 13 Elizabeth Inn 30 Seconds drew_it v1.m4v


Drew Gardner’s behind the photo, Elizabethan Inn video how-to tutorial In this video tutorial Drew Gardner talks about his photograph, Elizabethan Inn. This is tutorial 13 of 15 from the series, using your flash to freeze your subjects can be paired with a slow shutter speed to also capture low ambient light. Find out how Drew does this and other tips and tricks for lighting such a large complex scene. If you love this photograph and would like to see more tutorials on historically recreated scenes you can check out The Banquet. The Banquet how-to gives more knowledge and alternate ways to fill your frame as well as it is another great example of a slow shutter speed shot. In this video tutorial you will learn: tips and tricks for combining a slow shutter speed and flash to capture your subject and low ambient light. final post processing adjustments that pushed this image to perfection. location lighting of a large area for great depth, perspective and easy post processing. the importance of engaging/communicating with the models to get just the right expression. the importance of engaging yourself to get just the right shot. This video is 13 in a series of 15 video tutorials hosted by Drew Gardner. Each tutorial focuses on a specific conceptual photograph and the process of making that photo. Drew shares his techniques, tips and tricks he has learned throughout his career to help you achieve your own amazing images.

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