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To date, 43 States have interpreted the new common basic standards, robust and relevant to the real world, which is the knowledge and skills that our young people need to have success in school and career. Integrated into these standards is a focus in the field of media literacy, which, according to the National Association for Media Literacy Education “, is a series of communication skills, including the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and communicate information “and” empowers people to be part of critical thinkers and creative producers of an increasingly wide range of messages using image, language and sound. ”

critical analysis is the focus of the new Pearson Prentice Hall Media Studio, a suite of integrated, interactive resources to analyze the students and to help the meaning of the various sources of information they see and experience. Through practical program, learn how to interpret the messages of the media, and then take what we learn and write, plan, shoot and edit their own media projects.


Media Studio provides teachers with actual recordings of television news programs, public service announcements and feature films, media critics to explore lighting concepts, shot size, and order processing, Image, conflict , suspense and special effects. The program also interviews with key media policy to see behind the scenes of ideas and encourage students to be active thinkers, critical consumers of media persons.

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always informed and skilled producers of media, aiming Media Studio 32 topics, including mood, point of view, and the sequence in which they are the key to understanding and production media. Through the program, students on the interpretation of media and hands-on production of their own media projects.


As a support tool for teachers, offering tips for customizing Multimedia Studio actions concerning media literacy and education to the needs of students with a glossary of the means of adaptation. Teachers also have access to a database of 500 films that can effectively choose complement instruction of literary selections in anthologies Literature Pearson Prentice Hall.


Donald Leu, co-author of Prentice Hall Literature, Literacy New Director of Research and Laboratory, University of Connecticut, “The new literacies skills involved in identifying problems, synthesize evaluating information seeking critical information , and communication. To fully literate in today’s world, students must master the new powers of the 21st century technologies. “

“Today’s students with the means to participate in a number of ways every day – from mobile phones to the Internet to watch movies and television – but often lack the necessary tools to evaluate the information presented to them MediaStudio investigated . to deal with these challenges and provide our students with the skills necessary to gather, understand, evaluate and synthesize information and ideas, “said Lagos Tammy Pearson, vice president of literature.

Media Studio

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