Outside Place Lighting


Outside Location Lighting

Using a flash outdoors and balancing with ambient light.

  1. rafvaldemoro

    Hi Mark, thanks for your tutorials, I really like learning from you. Lighting is one of the most important bits in photography. Greetings from Spain.

  2. aquaphotoboy

    your videos are truly inspirational! Im so lazy to make tutorial videos because I dont have a model, I dont have someone to hold the camera, I dont have someone to hold reflectors and blah blah blah! while you dont use anyone other than yourself! pretty good man! thanks so much for sharing.
    PS: you can actually use a higher shutter speed, as long as you leave enough space to crop the black lines in photoshop 🙂

  3. lampiew

    Good video, Mark. Very good startpoint for newbies on flash photography. Thanks a a lot!

  4. markhyo

    I don’t have much experience with the SB800 but I can tell you that though I have a few Canon flashes I use most of my flashes in manual mode to have 100% control over my flashes. You can do the same thing in TTL mode. I have done this with my Canon Camera set to Manual and the flash on eTTL. Meter and set the camera to underexpose by 1-2 stop. Then use flash exposure compensation to add more or less flash power as needed.

  5. wondnaereh

    Thank you Mark, this was a very good tutorial. However, I do have a question. I have a Nikon SB 800 and I am curious as to whether there is a setting other than TTL that would allow me to easily underexpose the background as you did here. I am planning a photo shoot soon and would very much like to try out this technique. I have not used the Sb 800 much so I do not know how to use it well as of yet. I will be using it with a Nikon D80. Thanks again and I have rated your tutorial 5 stars.

  6. martinSaC

    Love your tutorial 🙂

  7. bestmansix6

    Great Video Mark, keep up the great tutorials.. Love it 🙂

  8. morpheus1870

    You rule! LEGEND

  9. paulpker121

    Nice video!

  10. nuclearpsyche

    Hi Mark! Just wanted to say thanks for the tutorial.
    You made it easy to understand the exposure calculator on the vivitar flash. Thank you!

  11. rsquaredmedia

    Very good information for me as I am starting out on flashes now.

  12. tomtailford

    very helpful… thanks

  13. ChibaCityBlues

    Love your videos! Thanks a lot!

  14. flipmarc69

    Awesome vid. Thanks for sharing. Found it by way of POTN.

  15. nvrmndknasen

    Nice tutorial! Thanks!

  16. maximumgravity

    Thanks Mark - good tips to keep in mind.

  17. markhyo

    You may often hear that shutter speed is irrelevant when it comes to flash… except when it comes to ambient light! Of course you must stay withing the acceptable flash sync range. Flash falloff is dependent on the power of the flash and how far it travel. When I shoot kids I like to shoot with the flash under the ambient to provide a bit of fill. It makes the kids look more natural.

  18. sulci


  19. markhyo

    Max, You’ve pretty much got it but let me add this. Flash at the same f/stop and below acts as fill flash. So let say I set my flash to be f/4.0 but still took pic with the exposure of 1/60 @ f/5.6. The flash will act as fill and be less apparent. Once the flash is more than the ambient light then you’re over power the ambient. The shutter will only control the ambient light and not the flash fall off. Flash basically acts as the shutter speed because of the shortness of the burst of light.

  20. markhyo

    See above on prefocus :-)

  21. markhyo

    See above on prefocus 🙂

  22. markhyo

    Prefocus: If you notice in the first part of the video there is a black white and grey target on a light stand. That’s where I focused. There is a stick on the ground so I knew where to stand. I purposely made sure my f/ stop was 5.6 so even if I was off from the target a bit everything would still be in focus. Also I have the autofocus assigned to a button on the back of the camera. This way when I press the shutter it doesn’t refocus and I don’t have to switch to manual mode on the lens.

  23. markhyo

    Joe, you can actually get by with a shoot through umbrella (at least a 43″) and the same flash up one stop and eliminate the shadows. You don’t need big softboxes or powerful lights to get good results. The advantage of having more powerful lights (monolights w/ batteries) is of course more power and faster recycle between flashes.

  24. SL33PYJ0E

    Nice video Mark.
    WIth a more powerful light and a big softbox, would that remove the shadow behind you?

    Im also interested in how you prefocus. I have been doing a million shots and just doing it as trial and error!

  25. seth0923

    yea I was wondering about the prefocus too please reply 5/5

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