Original film “Wind City”


The original recordings

testing a Sin City Effect Tutorial with Ryan making lit green screen footage studio MIAD open house reception. Footage was shot by a Canon XL-H1 in a IoHD AJA SDI. Tomas became 1080i 720p59.94 of 29.97, so it would not have been intertwined treaty. Material was introduced with Keylight 1.2.
Video Rating: 5.1

Windows100% に 特集 が あっ た た ので その まんま 試し て み. 当方 緊縮 財政 の 為 スターター パック しか 買っ た こと が あり ませ ん でし た. HLS 今回 の の 設定 は 以下 です. PointLight0.x (main light) X200.0 Y50.0 Z-200.0 Rx1.0 Ry0.8 Rz0.8 Si3000.0 Tr1.00 PointLight1.x (brightness) X-200, 0 Y50.0 Z-200, 0 PointLight2.x Rx1.0 Ry0.8 Rz1.0 Si2000.0 Tr1.0 (backlight) X0.0 Y0.0 Z250.0 Rx1.0 Ry0.5 Rz0.5 Si1000.0 PointLight3 Tr1 0.0. x (Best Light) X-Y100.0 Z200.0 200.0 Rx0.8 Ry1.0 Rz1.0 Si1000.0 Tr1.0 ShadowMap.x This file may be hidden Please put the value of Tr. Www.geocities.jp HalfLambertShader0.301 万年 寝 不足 phase (men Nebusoku) www42.tok2.com

  1. SelfishNeko2

    万年 寝 不足 (men) Nebusoku

  2. AngelPriestess11

    ¿I can ask what the background / stage? : O

  3. AmikuGusta

    immediantly *

  4. AmikuGusta

    Yes, I’m trying to do that is inherent in the DL interrupted.

  5. LichKing887

    Question for you ~ Neko-chan, what’s better, these shaders or adults? Or are they like?

  6. LichKing887

    Click the link below, save unter goal. Fans these days …

  7. boonie164

    Link is broken …

  8. ClubPenguin846

    Where I can find this effect?

  9. CookieDemonCorp

    Yes, it’s working perfectly: D But I had that ‘s the name of “Pointlight0’ cause PointLight.x not work to change: B thanks for the tut!

  10. SelfishNeko2

    ShadowMap.xDiese file can be hidden, please set the value of Tr.

  11. CookieDemonCorp

    Apparently, it has this effect, since I downloaded from the EMA xD first time, but do not know that I use all the lights at the same time, thanks for the tutorial!

  12. MikuH1234

    This makes no sense, sorry but not explained

  13. mileseeveeprowerfan1

    They have the cursor as I do! Haha.

  14. SelfishNeko2

    @ Cuppa3Ja is Teto.

  15. SelfishNeko2

    Thanks (^ _ ^) v

  16. SelfishNeko2

    @ KaibaridayVielen Thanks (^ o ^)

  17. SelfishNeko2

    @ PPGZepisodesVielen Thanks (^ ^) I bought a new PC last December Jahres.Da MME is not in my old PC to work.

  18. SelfishNeko2

    (* ^ _ ^) Thanks

  19. Decembirth

    Nice, MME, which really brings the detail of the model builders did for themselves.

  20. PPGZepisodes

    It looks so beautiful … Not fair! All interesting effects in strains currently working for me: ‘c

  21. ExileChan

    Oh, look, this effect is very nice. Thank you.

  22. TehPuroisen

    Aah, I can not read Japanese, so I thought it was only in the model, not the effect. I apologize.

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