Ordinary to extraordinary – How to develop key images in Lightroom



full tutorial files – www.slrlounge.com all seen before and after pictures can be found in the living SLR Photo Album on Facebook – www.facebook.com post-production is both master behind the photo process. Although always told me photographers know about “Get It Right, in camera”, post-production, and a vision for your final product will help you create shots when you might not have the time and tools necessary for perfect shot the camera. This video tutorial of Lightroom, I’ll show you how to create a clean, high-key backlit single RAW file, which was filmed on a dirty background. Before you edit the image, which is short in some camera settings should be used, is to achieve this type of vaccine and effects in post production. Have fun! Enjoy the tutorial of Lightroom. Once you try this technique on your own, be sure to upload your photos to comments on this article, or on our Facebook page, so we can see how to implement these techniques into practice!

Hope this helps. Today I will show how to make the text quite easily in Cinema 4D. ——————— Programs used: – Cinema 4D – Camtasia – Sony Vegas Sources used: – Rez Have fun!
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  1. eddie918

    absolutely beautiful. great job!

  2. Aashish Ajay Joshi
    Aashish Ajay Joshi05-06-2012

    I like how they explain the details. Great tutorial.

  3. fromoldschool

    Thank you very much for this video. Impressive.

  4. nagualdesign

    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. 🙂

  5. payamjirsa

    LR development and ACR are identical with respect to treatment or performance (ie, LR4 ACR = 7). But in terms of batch processing and workflow, Lightroom is much higher, and you can organize your catalogs, manage photos, create additional book / printing products, etc. In a sense, is essentially combines Adobe Bridge + Photoshop ( along with additional modules for geo-tagging, creating books, presentations, etc.

  6. nagualdesign

    LOL! They were doing so well, to 08.03, if the word “brung ‘is used as a past participle of” get “, will I laugh, know that 🙂 But seriously, what would you say are the benefits of use Lightroom to Photoshop (Adobe Camera Raw)? I have HP over 10 years, believe me, it’s worth trying Lightroom uses? I guess LR and ACR exactly the same algorithms and LR which was written by Thomas Knoll et al. Each information would be appreciated. thanks.

  7. philtrapp

    Why not go to mask the sharpness?

  8. TwintituProductions

    Thank you for this wonderful video and helpful! I love your vids

  9. marcin97

    even though they knew and used this technique several times, his explanation was very helpful. Now I can do better and actually understand all the settings. Subbed for future vids!

  10. chrisongtj86

    You’re a great teacher, thank you!

  11. byakusharingan25

    I did not know I could do this adjustment brush in LR trick, thanks!

  12. RobTiff0818

    Adding sharpness, then you can hold the Alt key and drag the slider masking. If everything is white, it means the application of this definition to everything. As you drag the sliders are the parts that do not become black field applied. So if you want to sharpen the eyes / nose / mouth / standby edge, age, drag the slider to only those things are still white, and you do not know a lot of noise to add to the image areas that not require additional attention. Trying to help.

  13. assett11

    I really liked that … Is it possible to show how to create a black background with the color model if you could do would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  14. eflores112

    Thanks, I tried to learn how to clean a piece of background to my study at home, thanks

  15. Nydaddy72

    ahhh 3 minutes before the editing begins!

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    very useful, thanks

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    Thanks, I tried now, and well. Your videos are amazing. Keep up the good work.

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    great tutor! thank u!

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    Pye great tutorial!

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    Thank you!

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