OpenShot Video Editor – Gets Effects!!!


OpenShot Video Editor (version 0.9.43) is a free, open-source, non-linear video editor for Linux. Today we are introducing our new effects engine! It has over 30 unique effects, each with it’s own set of properties. Here is a quick demonstration of a few of these new effects. This video uses the Chroma-Key effect (otherwise known as Blue & Green screen). It allowed me to remove the background behind my hand, and show the image below it. A few other effects and transitions, combined with a tad bit of key-frame animation, and there you have it. A demo video. =) For more information about OpenShot Video Editor, please visit our blog at

Building multitrack sequences in Avid Media Composer 5 Getting Started from

Watch the entire course at In Avid Media Composer 5 Getting Started, author Steve Holyhead explores the tools and techniques in Media Composer for producing great looking video, as well as the basics of high definition media formats. This course walks through the video production workflow from input to editing to output, covers key information such as trim concepts and frame rates, and introduces techniques such as color correction, footage stabilization, and real-time audio effects.
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  1. Rogerio Duarte
    Rogerio Duarte07-23-2012

    work video and pictures ?

  2. CRAZYcodfan6

    your a PRO!

  3. 313hummer

    really good tutorial mate :D

  4. ShenmueJKD

    i love open shot !
    linux 4ever !!

  5. ekimsantos3000

    thanks for posting this video

  6. ClubPenguin40685

    wow that scool

  7. vlad087

    how u download

  8. rocknavag

    exelent work i recomend this video editor over all is simple fast easy to use and very stable i love this proyect, just one thing please make the time line larger than only ten minutes !!!!

  9. 1enemo

    Love the new effects! Complete n00b to video editing. Chroma Key doesn’t look good for me. Would love more video tutorials. Keep up the good work! Love this editor over all that I have tried on ubuntu. Maybe one day Open Shot will be to linux what debugger wax 2.0 is to windoze!

  10. detroituntilidie

    Shit this is confusing….I hate FCP it’s too buggy so I’m going back to Premiere

  11. ckdmac

    avid sucks if you have a problem support is very dfifficult

  12. kabirshaukatali

    You guys have some wonderful training videos. Really clean and well summarized. I am shifting over from FCP7 to AVIDMC and your videos are of good help.

  13. jonschwartzedit

    this is the old school way to edit. its good to understand patching. i bet your a FCP user huh?

  14. coorslight2007

    If you have to deactivate the other tracks to use overwrite, why wouldn’t you just drag the clip into the timeline? Does the same thing and in less time. I think you’re just confusing people.

  15. hudstone420

    so much easier in sony vegas 10

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