Oil of Olay Microdermabrasion & Peel Tutorial


style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> Oil of Olay Microdermabrasion and Peel tutorial

This is my regimen for the face every night, including a tutorial on oil and oil Olays microdermabrasion peel Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion and Peel System System (all face no more than twice a week and NEVER on consecutive days) Daily Regenerating Cleanser (full face) Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum (below and above the eyes) Daily Regenerating Serum (full face) UV Defense Regenerating Lotion SPF 15 (full face in the morning) Olay Refreshing Toner Olay Total Effects Night Astringent Firming Cream

  1. stilajunkie07

    Hi all. I have not taken into account to try. I am very happy with my scheme of the face. I have a professional facial, my regimen of 2 months and she always tells me how good my skin looks. I’m happy with it thanks 🙂

  2. rnesbit2

    Retina has, as you try? Its awesome! You can see his doctor for a prescription, I know, the results are rather dear. Take Care

  3. dollladie

    Well, bless you! Yeah, you know what is in his 30 years, your skin and look so nice to you. You are much like me – I’ll be 59 this year and so far so good. Keep up the good work, take good care of yourself – I love your videos. Health!

  4. stilajunkie07


  5. stilajunkie07

    Never make any kind of exfoliation or peeling on my eyelid and under my eyes, and I use my ring finger (usually – lol) if moisterizing under my eyes. They may seem like I’m in the rough, but in person, I am gently on my face. Thank you very much, thank you for watching and commenting. congratulations my favorites are people who say they think I’m in my mid-30. Honey Chile, I have 42 years lol I love it! My skin is good for me 🙂

  6. stilajunkie07

    I know it seemed a little wrong, but I was not that hard rubbing. I am gentle with my face 🙂

  7. agentproducer

    gurrlll good for you! I used the same products and the oil of Olay products. It is absolutely the most effective and profitable to really clean and looking young.

  8. dollladie

    . Just a suggestion NEVER any peeling or flaking of the eyelids or the eye – the fabric of this area is very thin, has no sebaceous glands and may crack, SAG and wrinkles. Be extremely careful around the eye area with moisturizers (PAT with the ring finger) – I know others have said, but please, dear – you treat your skin gently – I love you for that again. Good luck.

  9. stilajunkie07

    🙂 Thank you my update vid from April 2011? I wanted to do better?

  10. deathonthebeach

    be nice to your face when you rub on it!

  11. stilajunkie07

    Hello, I am pleased that the detergent you use can work for you. It’s so hard to find what works. This product is no scarring or acne products, even though the skin, the flexible skin to exfoliate. things for acne and blemishes, I have acne blemishes with serum from Juice Beauty. see with me that in my question – Olay-bit video refresh to 15.25 clock I use this serum for about 3 years and that helps to outbreaks and blemishes. Hope this helps.

  12. saji1997

    Hell My skin is much worse than to use the cleaner and it worked a little to get rid of the scars of this product and eliminate the scars, it is evident, even to get rid of my acne and milia, which is under my eys and I am nose fast plz XD

  13. stilajunkie07

    I made an updated video and I can see another in my own skin. I still have the marks, because I have my pimples still pop lol for me, this is the product of labor. I can use twice a week. If you have started to use for later use.

  14. yasmineply820

    Why did not the face after using it for a year? If all the notes away? I bought things and start with 2 days. I wonder if it works.

  15. stilajunkie07

    Yes I am and I love it still. I use it every Sunday and Wednesday night, so tonight is the night:-D

  16. ILoveToScrub

    Are you still using these products and if so, how it will work for you? Thanks

  17. stilajunkie07

    I use it as directed on the package, the recommendations and has instructions on how to use it.

  18. Ramennoodlesandme

    I have nothing serious acne scars fade just a bit of a terrible epidemic in the front right in the center. That I can every day or every other day (alternate days) in this specific point only? because I realized that after 2 uses my acne cleared up and the scars disappear ..?

  19. stilajunkie07

    My skin is sensitive, so whatever you use to wash the skin, redness of the face is gone. You have to rub a little for them to do their work. But I have noticed that the more you use it my skin texture and is red, the less if you use. Thank you!

  20. PureXtasy

    You’re too hard scrubing on your face! Do not blame yourself because it is the product leaves redness of the face. You can see well enough to rub gently. That the small micro-rock in the product do its job and not be so difficult to grind.

  21. stilajunkie07

    I want to know if you like and if it works for you. I missed it on Wednesday to I’mma use it tonight. I try every Sunday night and Wednesday.

  22. EthanCole15

    I am most def going to try this 🙂

  23. stilajunkie07


  24. Jocelynn87

    Oil of Olay? All I know is Oil of Olay!

  25. stilajunkie07

    You’re welcome. Yes, still packs neutragena blue makeup remover wipes. Girl was all wet basin LOL you definitely are not alone. when I see commercials with people washing the face, not even really like me! t know their origin to be wet LOL

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