Off-flash with Nikon CLS program


This video is an introduction to integrated use of Nikon CLS (Creative Lighting System) wirelessly from the camera flashes firing. Many of the Nikon DSLRs have the ability to wirelessly control off camera flashes. This system is very powerful in that uses both TTL and manual control and limited a little, because Infared line of view and is limited in scope. The surprising thing is that you control the performance of multiple flashes in different groups directly through the built-in, pop-up flash of the camera. In this video, I use a Nikon D700 in the built-in pop-up flash to control an off-camera Nikon SB800 Flash for a small light box and another SB800 through a perforated umbrella. By entering this flash control settings of the camera and adjust the camera’s built-in flash act, to act as commander, you can wirelessly control flashes out from the camera. I play a little understanding about the areas of lighting, ambient light sensor, key light and fill light. Everything important to understand how to dial in the correct amount of light for flash photography. If you have any questions or comments, please leave below or e-mail
Video Rating: 4/5

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Video Rating: 3/5

  1. darbats

    hi can ask before you set the camera settings for manual .. the speed of light, what settings? iTTL or manual? and also set the speed of light or eV? Hope it answers, thanks ….

  2. JimEphin

    good man!

  3. Matt Andrew
    Matt Andrew07-09-2012

    Hey Adam love videos and your sense of humor keep the good work, just a question of what the remote control shutter is opening, in this video, as I need it?

  4. MontyBPhotography

    Great video! Maybe … SB-700 and SB-600 and needed some information on the CLS system he’d bought for the quick trip through very useful!

  5. notjustamoma

    ¿I can use a SB700 as a backlight with 2 alien bees as main light and fill? If so, I need some kind of umbilical cord?

  6. TMPhotos1

    I, m starting with the LC system. Great Vid .. really useful Thank you.

  7. sakulsang

    Before the speed 1/200s, f/4.0. The amount of speed you get? I will not hear properly.

  8. cesarstoer

    Fake! This will come with Photoshop! Your hands differently? hahahahah

  9. pc8922


  10. vicR64

    Thanks Adam, was found by the manufacturer’s website. The video was exactly what I, as I have new flash and an umbrella on the way and do not know how it is necessary that the camera flash sync speed. Next video now.

  11. VexedFilms


  12. SuperFocus360

    What kind of speed you use lights? What is it based on? (TTL? M?) Thank you.

  13. LiviaTrends

    fake photo, Adam Lerner? In the picture, hands together … separately to ‘Pose’ hands … Why? “/

  14. asjesus1

    4:50 the picture does not represent. Do not like a shot and decided to use the e in the first place? lol nice video sir ….

  15. swapnilhitman

    The first picture I showed you how the first image is not real …. You have your hands in different positions …. : D

  16. tordern22

    You my friend has some awesome tutorials! Thank you. Now I have only myself to a couple of SB-700

  17. diphax

    This is really cool. Praise the smoothness of the small light box. Have just behind the camera and Flass expands the creative possibilities of a lot

  18. soul05extinct

    Hey man thanks for that .. I appreciate it ..

  19. marcusboos78

    No, I had a D3000 and can not be with the commander of pop-up flash. But you can use an SB900 on the camera as a commander. (Some other Nikon flash units as well, but not SB 600). A good alternative to CLS or Pocket Wizard are more or less this: Yongnuo RF-602

  20. marcusboos78

    Yes, with a pocket wizard (or any other radio-control system) will work. There is no such thing as TTL Manual only, but on! I use an SB-600 and an old Minolta 5400xi flash all the time. But I’ve also used a borrowed Canon flash.

  21. zhale47

    good and all, but never cover, in which the institution of the flashes?

  22. artimustwo8

    When do you want, when they reflect a light box, choose to use an Umbrella, or money or anything else the flash naked.

  23. RichPark92

    Great video as usual, I wondered how long it will take to the effective creation and camera flashes?

  24. rastafaris123

    Shooting amazing, incredible.

  25. harrybean2006

    Adam, this is very useful. I appreciate your willingness to share this information for free.

  26. marquista96

    You can now use CS6: D

  27. stonehartfloydfan

    More! Rocked That did it! Best short I’ve seen in some time and there are many good because draußen.Bitte will tell me more :-))

  28. grayeaglej

    Ish Teh sooooooo shineh future! : D

  29. theDKairsoftguys

    Colorgrading FTW: D

  30. Rickymann999

    Fuck yeah dude good job

  31. JaxonFilmFest

    I thought it was huge. Very imaginative and well executed, well done. I subscribed to your channel. I am very much to see, more interested in her chile.

  32. FanLoben

    Best short film that night! =)

  33. Sorrowdusk

    AHAHAHA seems to be playing Starcraft

  34. LindyLoon

    Very well done.

  35. jockvideos

    No. 1080?, Oh, what’s the matter, good job.

  36. Nick4563880

    The effects were very well done by the way it was when the production, but the writing leaves much to be desired

  37. OperatorBehaviour

    this movie is better than the movie transformers

  38. TheAlaniProductions

    ? Go v = & list = VHQI40n4DlU UUqRPRTQ0mRJuBtFV6ZxrPXw and index = 5 & = function PLCP

  39. RudiL94

    How do you know your age? :/

  40. pro311031

    What nobody J. A. draft the document for you?

  41. AdventurerInc

    hahaha so many lens flairs! good job, but

  42. 2paintpots

    Nice! The VFX is brilliant and the whole movie is very inspiring! This total is worth more points of view!

  43. programmerofIAU

    Even in this joke .. have a research paper by tomorrow in English, forgotten. Then, when he said: “Do your homework, English!” This reminded me … Holy Frick, thanks … had to stop looking, but I’ll be back …

  44. mooglisxbg67000

    Gustav Holst – Mars

  45. Fen1kz

    I like SC2 part: D

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  47. Rcproductions54

    or perhaps the only book in 1984 ………..

  48. MrBanaan64

    ummm whipe 2084 of 2048 scifi?

  49. samsiteone

    Pretty good, I liked it.

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