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If you’re looking to de-stress before bedtime, then try the wonderful nature sounds of Soothing Water Stream. Soothing water stream features the relaxing natural sound of a small stream of flowing water. Enjoy the calming, soothing and relaxing sounds of the falling waters of a babbling brook. This bubbling sound is both soothing and relaxing. Soothing Water Stream creates a peaceful oasis and brings relaxation and sleep. The water stream has a lulling effect to enhance sleep. LET’S BE FRIENDS: www.facebook.com www.twitter.com Feel free to download my videos, and MP3s absolutely free. If you are a musician and you want to use these scenes in a music video, or if you are an animator and you want to use the scene as the setting, or how about a back drop for your green screen footage/chroma keying? The possibilities are endless. Be creative have fun and please remember the YouTube Terms of Service when uploading. In return all that I ask for is a link in the description and in video credits. Each video is one minute in length and in 1080×720 widescreen mpg format. Each MP3 or WAV is 3 minutes in length. If you post any of the footage, let me know and I will add your video to the recomended pages on my website and add you to the playlist on my YouTube Channel. go to www.ripfilms.net then to the downlaods section or just click on by banner to get to the site. and remember to tell your friends! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Finally Here ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ***Send as a holliday Greeting Card*** Grab
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. TheFamilyguy421

    this is beautiful!!!

  2. chedder648

    To much rain! !!! Ahhhww

  3. emeraldrubyII

    VERY unfitting when youtube plays an advertisement about a horror movie or shooter game before this video starts

  4. nopalionon

    спасибо вы добрый человек

  5. 0902renee

    Gotta go pee now

  6. mountainashtreetv

    @mitchel129 holy shit its big foot,!!!

  7. mitchel129

    no.. it’s static and there is no smoke

  8. Kawaiicake12

    @mitchel12 fire mabye

  9. mitchel129

    what’s that orange thing in the background?

  10. CupQuakeRainbow1


  11. nick62301

    translation Nature is harsh, let me Yasuraga, and when we.
    Forget everything, thus, to be alive right now, and I hope I become hard.
    Naturally be taught. Great picture and sound. Thank you.

  12. bobbob306

    I like ducks

  13. bobbob306

    Don’t eat foie gras

  14. tigrress

    there’s always some truck beeping in the background isn’t there? Sometimes I hate civilization

  15. DjLEATH3R

    loop this with birds chirping, you will have a perfect sleep 🙂
    hmmm sleeeeeep <3

  16. angeLinazgherea

    it make’s me feel so good…

  17. Repelsteeltje1337

    Almost makes me want to go outside. Better stop watching. That shit is scary.

  18. ShanaeEskimoFace

    Brainfreeze 🙂

  19. counterstrikedust

    I just got relaxed b cuz of this video.

  20. howexpertassistant

    Hi…can i pay you for description text space? email: howexpertassistant@gmail.com

  21. SnDubstep


  22. the13happy1

    i can’t see your upload wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

  23. ender3711

    excellent 🙂

  24. georgiana1010

    Great clip 🙂

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