Object Tracking with PFTrack and Cinema 4D Tutorial – Part two (HD) w/ Captions


Object Tracking with PFTrack and Cinema 4D Tutorial - Part 2 (HD) w/ Captions

There are not many good tutorials out there so I thought I’d make one. I added captions so all people can watch using the translate function. Part1: www.youtube.com I went quite fast so if you have questions drop a comment or contact me on my website: www.lukechalaudio.com I will add annotations if there are any mistakes noted by others. Thanks. -Luke
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  1. karalliyadda


  2. sacredgeometry

    it gets the rotation based on the point location i think if the points cross over ie top left to top right then it will assume it flipped.

  3. PGReviews

    If all else fails, export an image sequence with VirtualDub and use that 🙂

  4. Decoidzor

    Could you do a tutorial on doing this, with a moving camera? 🙂 I can’t seem to make text follow the tracking points.

    (I put some text on a table and then walk around it)

  5. Patrick Riley
    Patrick Riley07-27-2012

    this would have been more practical in After Effects

  6. SongsCaram




    3D POWER!!!


  7. Josh Stone
    Josh Stone07-27-2012

    i dont think you needed to use cinema 4d to put the video onto the paper but i know how to use cinema 4d and pftrack together so thanks bro

  8. KrazyBroskie

    y did u remove part one

  9. kickit501

    Thumbs up for thingy.obj

  10. xXBlackOpsElite

    Would this program track the movement even if you turn the card around?

  11. aaron5iu9


  12. Sirring

    Where did you get PFTrack from? greets sirr

  13. AkoolStick

    when i export to after effects the video and tracking doesn’t sync up! do you know why that is?

  14. CodUnrealClan

    Please help! When I import video as a texture it turns black… I tried some formats, .avi, .wmv and even .mov, when using .mov the video was really laggy in C4D and when rendering I got a video with a fps of around 1 :S, what should I do?

  15. gothmaniow

    damn fine tut my freind!!! i will use this and send you a link when ive finished my intro …:P peace !!

  16. 00viperXX

    very true lol

  17. 00viperXX

    Well look at it this way it’s the basics of using PFtrack and you have to start somewhere

  18. AkoolStick

    it’s a matter of preference. I would prefer using this program than using after effect’s tracker. with after effect’s tracker, you have to set the tracking points, and then they’re not always going to be accurate. you might have to stop midway to move the tracking point manually, which is a bigger waste of time. And he is exporting the tracking data to cinema 4d, which requires 3d tracking data, and last i checked, after effects can’t export tracking data.

  19. bigdanny1234

    this is 2D tracking not 3D, he doesnt rotate the paper in any way, so its a waste of time doing 3D tracking on something that doesnt need it. for a demonstration it should use 3D tracking.

  20. AkoolStick

    really? cuz the tracker in after effects isn’t made for professional tracking! Pf track is made for the kind of tracking hollywood does for their movies. This video was made to demonstrate the basics of tracking an object; a great video too. After effects is mainly for professional compositing and editing. so please, show me an example of your 15 second tracking with after effects, and we’ll see which one is better.

  21. bigdanny1234

    You just wasted 9:20 of my life showing me how to do something that i can do in 15 seconds in aftereffects.

  22. Godisen007

    Nah I’ve been doing it for a long time, I tried EVERYTHING and the last thing I tried was changing the file format to .mov, couse it sucks.. but apparently that’s the only way it’ll work. You know, that’s just one of those things that you would want to know.

  23. 00viperXX

    Avoid the profanity because it’s probably just something simple you missed, this stuff takes a long time to learn. When you have the material open make sure color on the left is highlighted and make sure it’s checkmarked as well. The right pane shows texture. Click the longest bar and select your movie file. Perhaps the movie is not recognized with C4D. Refer to your documentation for Windows users this tutorial was done on a Mac. Hopefully this helps. – Luke

  24. Godisen007

    The video in the background will NOT show up on my BRAND NEW PC! It’s not hardware, and software works perfectly except for this RIDICULOUS problem! I even tried it on two PC’s! What am I missing? What is this tutorial missing???

  25. rayzrsharp

     THANKS!! That worked!! Now its just practicing getting better at tracking in general but, this solution worked perfectly! Thanks again.

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