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This is a compilation of some road Nuke courtesy of our amazing buyers: intelligent creatures, Furious FX, tape channel, FX Bank, Rising Sun Pictures, Elephant Studios, Mikros Image, Team Loco and Passion Images . The Foundry Nuke Video Rating: four/5

  1. Rubenmon1

    Why did the most amazing things are so hard to create? lol I mean, you’d think you could create an object and place it on the map, but there are still scripting. Anyone need a software in which all the files srcipts found in words what the script is made in the description of the folder to invent. Therefore, practically dragging and dropping.

  2. coolmagicr

    How do u guys do, note the snow or pls tell me …

  3. TheFoundryChannel

    Hello @ Kaprah91. Everything was done in the composition Nuke. If you think it’s good here on the showreel in the foundry site. This is a little dated now. Showreels is a link to the home page (right side) 🙂

  4. TheFoundryChannel

    Hello @ Kaprah91. Everything was done in the composition Nuke. If you think it’s good here on the showreel in the foundry site. This is a little dated now. dot co dot uk thefoundry showreels bar 🙂

  5. TheFoundryChannel

    Hello @ Kaprah91. Everything was done in the composition Nuke. If you think it’s good here on the showreel in the foundry site. This is a little dated now. thefoundrydotcodotuk showreels bar 🙂

  6. Kaprah91

    So everything in this video was made with nuclear weapons? Because I have to download all that talk, and if it is true, I will have lots of fun working on it.

  7. WalkingXLegend

    Hello last time. Observed at four weeks of tutorials, videos, classroom teachers, practicing on his website and YouTube channel, which eventually herausgefunden.Ich wanted to just say thanks for the help and again, I have a question, because I want to further increase . Where I can find advanced tutorials or anything that can improve my skills in the nuclear weapon? I have really wanted to get into this because I work when you wollen.Milosh

  8. BDominikGT

    That’s incredible. : D

  9. TheFoundryChannel

    Along the right track. Check out the basic tutorials on our website. Go to the homepage and then put the nuclear option and Training Resources on the right side of Nuke menu remain. For starters try Compositiors Guide to Nuke further down the page. You can also use our PLE version and learn from it. Good luck!

  10. WalkingXLegend

    HalloIch the editing of films and I love a lot of special effects and I have some questions, if that’s okay. 3D compositing at 2:14 was basically all the PSD files and put the finishing touches with the particles of snow, clouds, etc … Added’m too close, even to find a correct answer? I would like to advance NukeX from After Effects and just need some advice as well …

  11. TheFoundryChannel

    Hey. The Nuke Nuke PLE is not NukeX, so that no additional features it offers, such as particle tracker camera, etc. There are many tutorials on our side FurnaceCore to get you started. Take a look below NUKE training resources on the right side. LEA to import the node. Geht.Hieronymus Hope this helps and that compliance with a Christmas wish for AE Camera Tracker

  12. Genixel

    Search “Nuke PLE” on YouTube and comes with a couple of things in getan.Es PLE is basically a huge amount of noise. I’ve never seen a watermark right!

  13. Genixel

    Can all this be done in Nuke PLE, or X Nuke is doing these things? I’m a little confused, because I just downloaded Nuke PLE and I just can not seem to find an import button. I am still using in high school and now After Effects for VFX (I hope I’m Camera Tracker for Christmas!), So I’m not really in a state that has a form appropriate to Nuke.

  14. Luka1180

    Gareth Edwards!

  15. ntwwtn

    muito legal!

  16. BMAnnArbor

    @ Alyx9999 is themost difficult watermark I’ve seen to remove. Itsbasically happened to a lot of moving colored dots. There are plenty, and are constantly changing.

  17. alyx9999

    I can see, no examples of such labeling is random as the real difference between the PLE version of the project and the project by the current version of the nuclear weapon, please? I have to use Nuke to do my project work in my last year in order to make my resume …………

  18. TheFoundryChannel

    Hi, this means that the final images are random marks on them. It prevents people from using the PLE version on commercial projects, as only meant for learning.

  19. alyx9999

    Can anyone tell me what exactly a watermark in the PLE version of Nuke, please?

  20. universetechnique

    Remember, I was here.Thai

  21. TheFoundryChannel

    Hey. Frank Reuter made some tutorials on this for us. You can find them in the casting website then click on Education Resources in the right / training videos. Then select the production and workflow are some in that country. Hope this helps.

  22. coleman265

    Where I can find tutorials for game extension / matte painting to 0.40, thanks

  23. oscardequiros

    Hi all! When thinking about start using Nuke for compositing 3D. However, I like bringing the 3D modeling software that has been made aware of these examples … Thu recommend or one of the 3D software available to a maximum of 3-D tool Nuke composition?

  24. Avian98X

    What are the 3-D objects in this video made? I mean, I really can not animate 3D objects in Nuke, that is with Maya or something .. done?

  25. TheFoundryChannel

    @ Mrftothek Yes, a complete workspace real nuclear weapon in 3D for 3D compositing. You’ll find lots of training videos on our website from melting point uk point co. Skip has to NUKE / Training Manual ResourcesDie even a good tutorial for 3D compositing, and you can use a fully functional 15 day trial download version free or PLE (Personal Learning Edition with watermarks) to execute Nuke through the tutorials page NUKE. Enjoyment.

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