Nuke. Урок №8. Keylight- Ultimatte. Часть 4


Nuke. Урок №8. Keylight- Ultimatte. Часть 4

Заканчиваем рассмотрение киера Keylight, начинаем Ultimatte.

A green screen footage test done using Keylight in After Effects. I just happened to be wearing a bright green t shirt when I got an idea to remove the t shirt in After Effects to give the illusion of invisibility. This video only took about half an hour to make. The majority of the time took in experimenting with different settings in After Effects keylight. I will make a tutorial if anyone requests it. Please like it and subscribe if you like my videos.

  1. Ye7iaZ

    that’s awesome .. would be nice of you to make a tutorial, please .. 🙂

  2. DrewZZK

    Chromakeying is fun. Expect a lot of negative comments because the internet is full of D-bags. Ignore them. Now that you know how to do it, you’re going to make some cool stuff happen.

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