Nuclear Test Stock Footage Part 3


the third part of my video collection nuclear testing stock. This section ends with Operation Buster-Jangle Sugar shooting surface, then through Operation Tumbler-Snapper, and ends with the awesome power of the “Ivy Mike”. Please feel free to download this material and use it in their own creations. A program called “A-Tube Catcher” can download YouTube videos for you.
Video Rating: 5/5

  1. extreme989

    Twelve and thirteen loldas nuclear power would be great

  2. chrisy909

    I love the cute shockwave that 1 kiloton to do, and how you tilt the stick! but I know I still devastating

  3. Nuker1337

    It’s great how the rocket trails curve seen in the awesome power of the pump (air displacement and refraction). In a clip from Ivy Mike (one of my favorites of nuclear tests) I thought it was a phenomenon, until I discovered that some sites said that lightning is actually in place.

  4. jeromeyward

    It was an explosion in the air as 800 meters. It was just a little “creaky”, however.

  5. antogrimes85

    Much of Tumbler-Snapper can at first, where they begin their data recording equipment before detonation see that it was a shot tower was true? great vid

  6. MadBadVoodo

    Cool Video Man! Five Stars!

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