NORAD Santa intends to 2 hours later this year, broadcast live satellite feeds available


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Members of the Northern Command American Aerospace Defence are preparing to track Santa again this year, and we are working on the registration of children Jolly flight plan change.


notified in consultation with the staff of the North Pole was that Santa Claus is the start two hours later than in previous years. Was no specific explanation and staff of the North Pole, Santa from the North Pole 6 Group Home Eastern Standard clock.

“has been for the past six years, Santa Claus North Pole started 2 hours before what you want this year,” said Maj. Stacia Reddish, NORAD Tracks Santa Program Manager.? “Although we’re not 100 percent sure of the reason for the late start, it may due to bedtime for young people worldwide. Throughout the years, Santa has often revolve again, as many of children were not asleep when he visited for the first time. “

first Video System and Digital Image Distribution (DVIDS) live interview via satellite with the opportunity to offer expert NORAD headquarters who are actively tracking the location of Santa Claus. Live interview opportunities will be 24 international media Available December 7 to 9 clock EST. Broadcasters in organizing a satellite interview on the NORAD Tracks Santa program are interested in Christmas Eve should DVIDS media hotline 678-421-6612 or contact The program is for all interested news organizations need to accommodate. Formed in a scene, DoD reporter / cameraman facilitate interviews and footage of the Operations Center tracks Santa Claus on the NORAD live opportunity based on schedule and requests.

Also new this year, you can get updates on Santa Claus travels on Twitter. Follow @ noradsanta once in the account in order not only to Santa Claus, but participate in conversations rental Twitter.

In preparation for the launch, the NORAD Tracks Santa Operations Center is prepared to 24th in top gear to track Santa Dec. occur. More than 1,000 volunteers from Santa Claus to answer phone calls through the middle and emails from children all over the world want to achieve an upgrade signing whereabouts of Santa Claus.

A toll free number is 1-877-Hi-NORAD (1-877-446-6723) to call and talk personally children Santa Claus tracker. In addition, children can send an e-mail to

2007 1.012 volunteers in the NTS Operations Center answered 94,743 calls and 10,326 emails from children around the world.

The NORAD Tracks Santa

website was first launched in December and has already registered more than 1,016,000 visitors from more than 200 countries and territories. Last year, the village was almost 11 million visitors from 212 countries and territories worldwide.

of Dec. 24, when Santa takes off from the North Pole, children can track him with up-the-minute reports on Google Maps and Google Earth and you can see the video cam NORAD Santa taken from several key stops . All this information is on the website in English, French, German, Italian year, the Japanese, Spanish and new, Chinese.

“The tradition of NORAD tracking Holy wandering began with a call of a child, and that is why we continue the tradition,” said Mayor reddish. “Although the site has a huge audience, many children still like to call the Operations Center to talk to a real person. Indeed, last year, the Santa Tracker about 40 calls per hour of children answered all parts of the world. “

NTS Operations Center, as the site is sponsored jointly. Verizon donates the toll free number, provide Qwest, Avaya and PCI communications engineering, 5 Star Bank, Pepsi Distributing and First Choice Awards and Gifts keep the fans happy with bolts tracking food, drinks and souvenirs.


stations can play audio files from video files in Santa Cam (English only), getting in Please refer to the notice of the press.

real news media (only) a copy of the 24 “Santa Cam” animated videos with voiceovers for airing on 24 December must be emailed to stacia.reddish @ * Request Calls NLT August 21 December To Please refer to the notice of the press.

media can obtain a copy of the high-resolution 2007 historic flight of NORAD tracking Santa (currently displayed on the main page of the website) or b-roll in an interview with Google Earth engineer Brian McClendon about NORAD Tracks Santa by request http:// / google and type the user ID and password. If you do not have an account NewsMarket Sockets can register for free and visit to access this material.

In addition, broadcasters

the tracking map on your website or dissemination clicking “Contact”, then “Media Center”, where are the instructions and the link insertion do this.

media want an update on December 24 can call the NTS Media Center (719) 556-1910 or 556-5128 (719). Recommend this sense can be very busy.

For additional information related to NORAD Tracks Santa, including pre-recorded interviews or live, please send an e-mail: @

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