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Virtualsetworks, the leading provider of virtual set studio, today announced a new line of virtual money called power plays. Virtualsetworks offers an extensive library of existing games and custom virtual sets. Powersets make separate components within the virtual sets, allowing greater flexibility in the post-production.


sets, users can independently move each virtual scenarios and components rotate inside or outside layers advanced customization. There are more options to add or remove anything. These phrases, such as adjusting the furniture, desks and screens users can only buy the items they need, or combine elements together as a package.

We constantly strive to deliver high quality, cost-effective virtual backgrounds for video production professionals, said Eric Pratt, CEO of Virtualsetworks. We love to find ways to improve our products to meet the needs of our clients with personalized customer powersets now. Greater flexibility and customization options


sets are designed to provide easy to use layers and multiple content for each virtual angle. With powersets users are able to configure the system so to meet their needs. Virtualsetworks products are available as still images and animated sequences in standard definition, high definition, stereoscopic, layered Adobe Photoshop files compatible with After Effects, 3D scenes and NewTek Lightwave 3D Studio Max Autodesk, NewTek TriCaster Pro and studio broadcasting , XD300, XD450 XD850 and products.

power states come in a variety of formats. with a basic standard definition model, priced at $ 99, and extended high definition packages to $ 599 Virtualsetworks virtual sets can be used individually or in a pack of 20 on acquired. The company also offers hundreds of other virtual September origins of their joint study and AnimSets lines.

See our virtual sets in action here:

Download a virtual test

series here:



Virtualsetworks is the leading provider of virtual set studio offers an extensive library of pre-existing and custom designed virtual sets. We offer hundreds of virtual set options in standard definition, HD, 4K, SD TriCaster, TriCaster XD, 3D Studio Max and Lightwave 3D. Our kits work with all programs that process video and Chroma Key, basic editing software for real-time systems virtual set. For more information, visit Follow. We at Facebook at / and on Twitter @ Virtualsetworks

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